Yuri’s Palace [1st Impression]

Yuri’s Palace is a story where the focus is on a female ruler and her claim to power. I’ve yet to read a story quite like this, but I’m holding out hope it will be good.

Alt TitlesCastle of Glass, Glass Castle, Her Castle, Le palais de l’impératrice yuri, 太陽の城, 琉璃之城, 유리의 성
CreatorsCinna, 시나 (Author)
Dawoo, 다우 (Author)
Haewon, 해원 (Author)
Underk, Hill, Eondeog, Eondeok, 언덕 (Artist)
GenreDrama,  HistoricalMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance
Yuri's Palace [1st Impression]

Yuri’s Palace Summary

In the Sun Empire, only women can be the ruling monarch.

In this world, Emperor Yuri, who doesn’t believe in love, struggles to stabilize her hold on the throne.

Meanwhile, her treacherous husband aspires to become emperor himself. Seeing through his intent, Yuri decides to take in other consorts.

While looking for candidates, she comes across former Prince Doha.

He tells her that he believes in true love and that he doesn’t hate anyone.

Intrigued, Yuri decides to invite him to the palace. What does she want? And will she be able to gain a firmer foothold on the throne?

In Yuri’s Palace, it seems the female lead is the “emperor”, but only because they have a system where women can be the ruling monarch.

This is quite interesting, although I’m not a huge fan of these reverse universes. Not because the idea is wrong, but because it’s often implemented in the wrong way.

More often than not, it feels like a stupid plot point which is never being explored in any real way.

As for this story, it seems to have a much more serious tone than other series. The empress is definitely not beloved or respected by everyone, including her first husband.

However, I must say her husband isn’t necessarily being treated with respect, either. I’m not sure if this is because of past treasons or she just doesn’t like him.

In other words, the female lead isn’t exactly “lovable”. She seems like a person who doesn’t want to deal with romance or nonsense.

As for the male lead, one of them anyway, he’s seemingly the opposite. He’s almost too carefree, to the point I consider him an idiot.

He takes a slap and behaves like everything is fine, which is just odd. Either he truly believes in his own words, or he’s having some serious confidence in revenge.

One thing I can’t really complain about is the art.

The story is drawn beautifully, and I love the emperor’s character design with those yellow eyes and black hair.

Final thoughts: I’m holding out judgement on this story. I really do want to like it, but I’m feeling quite uncertain yet.

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