Hope You've Been Well [First Impression]

Hope You’ve Been Well [First Impression]

This story is quite cute, starting off with a friendship between two guys. And we have a cute dog in the early panels, which is an instant plus.

Alt Titles:别来无恙,  Bie lai wu yang
CreatorsChibaofan Gongchang, Suuygo (Artist), Bei Nan (Author)
Licensed/Novel BiliBili Comics
NovelChinese novel, Translated
Release2020 (Unsure)
GenreComedyDramaMangaRomanceShounen Ai/ YaoiSlice of Life

Hope You’ve Been Well features two guys who have previously met. One guy remembers the other one, but it’s not exactly a big issue since it’s being solved soon. It does set up the comic’s future chapters since we already have a first introduction already. 

Hope You've Been Well [First Impression]
Gu Zhuoyan

It seems the first part we’re seeing is just the initial start of a bigger time hop and continuation of their story.


Ten years ago, the frustrated Gu Zhuoyan met Zhuang Fanxin, a bright ray of sunshine. Zhuoyan was healed, and Fanxin was moved- but their mutual interest ended due to the distance between them.

Ten years later, Gu Zhuoyan finds himself on a blind date with the one that got away. All the love he had long sealed away in the depths of his heart awakes once again, but how will he win back the heart of his old flame? – AnimePlanet
Hope You've Been Well manhua
Zhuang Fanxin
So far we haven’t seen a lot from this comic, but what I did read – it was quite enjoyable. It seems like one of the main leads has a weird habit of speaking out his thoughts. He comments on the scent of the other person, the fact they’re mixed and so on. It’s slightly creepy. 

I was quite enjoying the dynamics between the characters as it suggests the main lead have a life there. He knows the other main lead’s grandfather and is weak to his requests.

I have no complaints about the art, it’s very pretty and it suits the general feel of the manhua. I can clearly see a typical shounen ai dynamic, with one guy being more bubbly and cute whilst the other one is more serious and mysterious.

There’s a novel available for this manhua as well, if you’re curious.

Recommendation: Give it a read if you like shounen ai and pretty art.

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