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Your Throne [Manhwa/Webtoon Review]

I rarely do reviews on stories that aren’t finished, but I’m confident Your Throne will keep being amazing.

Alt TitlesI Wanna Be U, ชิงชีวิตพลิกลิขิตชะตา, 惡女的變身, 以你之名, La duchesse déchue, 君の全てを奪いたい, Tu trono, To Be You, Even Just for a Day
CreatorsSAM (삼)
Licensed?Yes, Webtoons (English) / Webtoons (Indonesian)

Your Throne” is a fantasy webtoon created by SAM. The comic is being released on for free. Updates come in every Wednesday and every Saturday.


Tensions are brewing under the seemingly calm surface of the Vasilios Empire, a kingdom ruled by the Imperial Family and the Temple.

Lady Medea Solon has lost her place next to Crown Prince Eros, but resolves to do whatever it will take to win back what’s rightfully hers. Will she reclaim her throne? –

In the story we meet Medea Solon & Psyche Callista. Originally they started out as friends, until Psyche was chosen as the fiancé for the crown prince. Despite the fact Medea was supposed to receive the title.

This was obviously very upsetting for her and ended up making her hate Psyche. Obviously a calculated move by the prince who is a real C&=t.

Your Throne
In a twist of fate, the two women switch bodies and have to deal with the other person’s life. Throughout this time, they learn the other isn’t as lucky as they thought.

They realize who the real enemy is and decide teaming up is the best way out of this mess. The way this is done is brilliant. It forces both of them to face what they believed wrongly head on, not leaving any doubt regarding who is the actual villain.

Psyche is usually seen as a well-natured, kind-hearted and a bit of a pushover. She’s apparently blessed by god and has the ability to heal wounds through her powers. 

Medea is seen as a psychopath ready start killing whenever you look at her wrongly. They’re clear opposites of each other. Yet, they’re an unstoppable force when their powers are being combined

Throughout the story, the personalities of Psyche and Medea start to blend together. Psyche learns to stand strong and not let herself become a pushover.
Your Throne

Medea on the other hand, she learns to forgive herself and others. Medea is a genius and can think several steps ahead, easily manipulating other people to fall into her traps. She’s also an excellent swordsman (woman) and is outwitting most, if not all, foes. 

Even if the story is great, it would have been lacking if we didn’t have amazing art. The art is truly amazing. Medea in her full glory, looking scary is one of the most impactful images I’ve seen in webtoons.

I honestly think Medea is genuinely a scary person, but her “insanity” is well-suited with her character. I’m not sure you can call it insanity, but she looks a bit insane usually… In a good way.

The art is also working well with the characters’ swap of bodies. You can see that it’s Psyche in Medea’s body and wise verse. It’s harder than you think to create art like that.

It’s very easy to slip back into the original character’s emotions and expressions. When Psyche’s body is in control by Medea, she looks very strong and impactful. 

Overall I must say I highly recommend that you read this webtoon. The plot, art and dialogue are just impressively done.


  • Art 5/5
  • Plot 5/5
  • Characters 5/5
  • Score: 15/15 – Perfection

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