Your Tears are Sweet [First Impression]

Your Tears are Sweet [First Impression]

Your Tears Are Sweet is a bit odd, but interesting. A girl is trying her best to save the tears from people, but she has no idea why she’s doing it.

Alt TitleNǐ de Yǎnlèi Hěn Tián, 你的眼泪很甜, Ni de Yanlei Hen Tian  
CreatorsShice (Author)
aniki (Artist)
Genre DramaFantasyRomanceSchool Life, Mature Warning: Suicide / Attempted Suicide
Your Tears Are Sweet [First Impression]

Your Tears Are Sweet

In order to become a normal person who can cry, Zuo Xiaoxia begins collecting other people’s tears.

No one would guess the school hunk will be involving himself in her business.

Your Tears Are Sweet [First Impression]
Your Tears Are Sweet is quite an interesting story from what I’ve read. Our female lead is seen rushing to the roof, preventing a schoolmate from jumping off the roof.

Of course, due to her own social ineptness, the girl freaks out and both of them end up falling off the roof. They’re thankfully not dead since someone saves them, most likely the male lead.

I quite like the female lead, however. She’s righteous and isn’t afraid to take a fight if she needs to. You see, the poor girl who almost jumps off the roof confesses to a senior of the school.

Instead of just declining her confession, he makes fun of it and even shows it to everyone. No wonder she’s embarrassed and is feeling bad over it!

Eventually our female lead manages to catch the tears and something magical happens. Our male lead transforms into someone looking very… hot. I’m not sure exactly what he is, but I’m enjoying the story so far. The seniors seem to also catch a curse or something from him!

The story isn’t all drama or horrible-bullying, some of it is light-hearted and fun. Our male lead is muttering how he’s not going to let our female go. The person whose tears are collected is hardcore judging him as a creep! He’s denying being a creep, but we all know he is a bit of a creep (jokes).

I must say I’m really liking the art so far, it’s looking really nice. I like the eyes, they’re having a lot of emotions in them!

Recommendation: Might be worth checking out if you like mystery/fantasy manhua!

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