I Won’t Accept Your Regrets [1st Impression]

I Won’t Accept Your Regrets seems to be a warning against misunderstanding and assumptions. Not sure I fully love it, but I see the appeal in it.

Alt TitlesI Won’t Accept Your Regret, 당신의 후회는받지 않겠습니다
CreatorsPark Hae-nae (Author)
Jeje, Zeze, 제제 (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalMature Warning: DepressionRomance
Your Regrets

I Won’t Accept Your Regrets Summary

“I can’t promise you love, but I’ll have no other woman but you.”

I thought it would be okay. Even if he didn’t love me, I thought my love would make our marriage happy. But that naive wish was soon shattered.

Because Lizzena, Raymond’s first love, came back with a kid.

“Lize is trying to make her child be the First Prince,” he told me.

“Let’s get a divorce.”

I decided to abandon him.



Raymond’s eyes shook violently as if he didn’t understand my words. His agitation, seen for the first time, for some reason made me feel relieved.

I opened my lips to him again with a soft smile: “I want to leave you. So Raymond, let’s stop now. Divorce me.”

It was the end of a long unrequited love.

The reason I’m not fully loving the whole story behind I Won’t Accept Your Regrets, is because it’s been done quite frequently.

It’s not necessarily a bad manhwa series, but it’s been done before with better execution.

I do appreciate having the “other woman” being the main character, which adds to a certain sense of grief and sadness. It’s not her fault things are playing out this way, but her husband.

From the get go, her husband was adamant about not loving her and it seems he never really cared for her more than he needed. That he suddenly doesn’t want to treat her like someone who just exists, but then it’s too late.

Overall, the plot shares basic similarities to a lot of comics out there.

We’ve seen plenty of stories about the husband’s not realizing what they have until it’s gone.

However, I do still think this comic is pretty decent. It’s not my favorite one by far, but I do appreciate a quite “adult way” of viewing the situation. If you think you’re coming in between two star-crossed lovers, you’d probably also give way and leave.

The way she goes about doing it is quite immature, however. You’d probably at least breach the topic, starting with:

“I’ve noticed you spent a lot of time with your ex and the child. I’m not sure if I have a place in this family anymore, do we settle for a divorce?”. It would at least have cleared up a lot of misunderstandings from the get go.

It’s tragic and it’s sad they couldn’t sit down and talk. It’s clear both are hiding things from each other, which may have been solved by just talking. It’s frustrating and not exactly something I like reading about.

Final thoughts: You can probably skip this one just fine and read some other stories about misunderstandings instead.

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