The Touch Of Your Magic

The Touch of Your Magic [First Impression]

The Touch Of Your Magic is a cute story about a woman who is seemingly suffering from a curse. She meets two wizards and things start taking a turn for the better.

Alt TitlesNeoui Mabeobi Daeumyeon, Quand ta magie m’a touchée, 너의 마법이 닿으면
CreatorsHUR Hyunju [HUR Hyun-joo, HEO Hyeon-ju, 허현주]
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
GenreComedyDramaFantasyRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
The Touch Of Your Magic [First Impression]

The Touch Of Your Magic Summary

Getting struck by lightning, breaking a bone, failing examsㅡthese are the “accidents” that happen when one becomes friends with Jia.

Bringing bad luck to people is a condition of Jia’s for as long as she can remember… until she meets Gun and Hyunㅡ two mysterious brothers who happen are wizards!

With the help of magic, she’s being determined to ward off her curse no matter what. But does Jia realize what kind of sorcery she’s actually getting herself into?

The Touch Of Your Magic [First Impression]
The Touch Of Your Magic starts off with the female lead’s parents dying and she’s attending their funeral.

The two men appearing at the funeral claims to have known the female lead’s parents. Apparently they’ve been promising the parents to take care of the female lead, should anything happen to them.

Due to forgetting one apartment payment, the landlady kicks out our female lead. Having no place to live, she ends up crashing with the two men.

Turns out the two men are brothers and wizards, which mean they might be able to help our female lead with her curse.

The Touch Of Your Magic [First Impression]
As you may have guessed from the summary, our female lead is definitely suffering from a curse.

People close to her end up having some really bad luck and she blames herself for the parents dying.

The two wizard brothers own at a café and the female lead is going to work there, too! Turns out the arch mage offers a trade, meaning the female lead gives the memories she acquires at the café to the mage.

As for the female lead, she is given a cure for her curse and the ability to use some magic. It seems like a good deal overall, but I guess we’ll see how it goes for them.

Thus she starts listening to the wishes of others and she’s trying her best to grant the wishes. It can be anything from having unruly hair to not being able to eat a lot.

Final thoughts: The manhwa series is quite fun and I really like the magic part!

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