She Lived in Your Heart for Many Years [1st Impression]

She Lived In Your Heart For Many Years is not a great story and it doesn’t really have the best art really. I think you can easily skip this one.

Alt TitlesShe Had You at Hello, Ta Zhu Zai Ni Xinli Haoduo Nian, Tā Zhù Zài Nǐ Xīnlǐ Hǎoduō Nián, 她住在你心裡好多年, 她住在你心里好多年
CreatorsAke Culture, A Ke Media, A Ke Wenhua, Ake Manga, Ake Media, Ake Wenhua, Akko Culture, Ā Kē Wénhuà, 阿柯文化
LicensedWebcomics, Bilibili Comics
GenreDramaFantasyMature WarningMental / Physical AbuseRomanceSlice of Life
Your Heart

She Lived In Your Heart For Many Years Summary

Due to a lie, Yi Xiang Nuan disappeared for five years. When she came back, her ex-boyfriend Su Chen proposed to her on their first meeting?

He threatened to make her marriage life miserable, but the life after the marriage was not quite the same as what he said. Nevermind, she didn’t even care about it anyway.

She just wanted to bring the person who harmed her family to justice. She buried her head in search of the truth and ignored her husband. Su Chen was very unhappy with it.

Su Chen: Didn’t we promise that you would hide cowardly behind me and let me protect you? You step back, let me handle it.

Yi Xiang Nuan: Come on, husband, I’ll try my best to support you.

Your Heart
She Lived In Your Heart For Many Years is so bloody confusing and annoying!

Our male lead is seemingly loving the female lead, but he shows in such bad and abusive ways.

He’s forcing her to marry him, almost rapes her or something(?) and then asks her to sleep on the floor. Despite that, he’s still caring and loving towards her.

It’s not really a great story to begin with and the art isn’t amazing anyway. Body posturing is really awkward and it’s quite poorly drawn overall.

The art is in other words so-so, typical for manhua series but that’s it.

I wouldn’t really say it’s horrible but it’s not the worst I’ve seen.

The reason for the clichés is partly misunderstandings and not speaking your mind.

The female lead chooses to keep quiet and have the male lead become pissed off at her. Instead of just saying she was in a bad situation!

As for the male lead, he’s overbearing, too. However, in flashbacks we see that they’ve been together for years as friends. Despite that, he’s still not honest with his feelings.

Final thoughts: The story is cliché and confusing, you may want to skip this one.

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