The Spark in Your Eyes [recommendation]

The Spark in Your Eyes is a really good manhwa series, with some darker themes. It features a budding romance, magic, mythology and war.

Alt TitlesBlinded by the Setting Sun, Jeomuneun hae sirin nun, The Setting Sun Stinging Eyes, 落日夕阳,冰冷目光, 저무는 해 시린 눈
CreatorsMURO, Murotoon, 무로
LicensedEnglish (LINE Webtoon)English (Tappytoon)Simplified Chinese
AdaptedNo novel from what I know
GenreDrama,  FantasyMature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderGore/bloodRomanceHistorical

The Spark In Your Eyes Summary

Erkin, a young pharmacist from the north, is orphaned from the war between the Northern Nations and Mormeratta.

After making a name for himself in Mormeratta, he is being summoned to treat a mysterious “master of the castle” whom no one has ever seen.

He reluctantly agrees, hoping it will bring him one step closer to finding the infamous Witch of the Sun who killed his parents during the war.

Little does he know, on his quest for vengeance, the witch may have been by his side all along. What will Erkin do when confronted by his sworn enemy turned friend?

The Spark In Your Eyes [Recommendation]
The Spark In Your Eyes surprised me with the dark themes it’s exploring.

Our female lead is seemingly cursed and suffers whenever the sun is setting. Cue the male lead coming in to treat her symptoms.

Surprisingly she needs help from a northerner, someone whose people she was killing in the war. Not to mention, she finds it uncertain if she killed his parents or not. She remembers the eyes, but can’t really pinpoint anything else.

Needless to say, the story is dark in those aspects and definitely doesn’t shy away from the suffering of others. I personally prefer the fan translation, “blinded by the setting sun”, since I find it more poetic sounding.

I’ve been reading quite a few chapters, but I’m still very curious to what’s going to happen when our female lead confesses to being the person he hates.

The Spark In Your Eyes [Recommendation]
Surprisingly I quite like the side characters, whom all are relatable and decent.

We also have a knight who is spying on the castle, but he’s not a bad person per say. He’s definitely trying to prove himself, but he’ll most likely come to the side of the sun witch.

Not because he’s a good person, but because she and the castle workers treat as an equal more than just some replacement. His mother seems to suffer from some type of mental disorder, not remembering his older brother is dead.

It’s honestly quite a sad situation, especially considering how much he’s trying to prove himself to everyone, only for it to backfire.

Likewise, the northern pharmacist, Erkin, suffers from hate due to his origins.

He’s not exactly a bad person, but he definitely suffers from his past and may make some shitty choices.

Even the female lead is odd, in the way she’s going from hot to cold, hesitating in her own feelings. I quite like the darkness of the story, since it makes me feel like we have some realism going on.

Humans are seldom pure and good, nor are they often just evil for the sake of being evil. There are exceptions to everything, but people we consider “evil” may have reasons for their beliefs.

Many of the northerners seem to think the female lead is the bane of their existence. However, she’s hardly to blame for the war nor can she held accountable for everything.

It almost seems like the female lead has “zoned” out from the past, choosing not to remember the tragedy she went through. She also lost people in the war and it also did shape whom she has become.

Final thoughts: I definitely suggest you read this manhwa series! I’m really invested in it so far.

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    However, the illustration of the two standing on their backs, the second inserted in the post, is not MURO’s work, but fan art. Can you delete or change the picture? I’m sorry if you posted it with the permission of the fan who drew it.

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