You Don't Know Me [First Impression]

You Don’t Know Me [First Impression]

“You Don’t Know Me” is a really tragic story about a poor student left with his father’s crippling debt. Thankfully he has a friend willing to help him.

Alt TitlesNi Suo Bu Zhidao de Wo, 你所不知道的我, 你不懂我, No Me Conoce
CreatorsKjorelo (Na Yeri)
NovelProbably not
GenreMature Warning: Depression, GorePsychologicalRomanceShounen Ai/ YaoiSlice of Life

Summary of You Don’t Know Me

“Some thoughts can’t be spoken, so we can only let them rot in our hearts and bear it alone.” Faced with a repressed life, debt that falls upon him out of nowhere, and the confused feelings between two teenagers… How will the youthful them face all of this? This is the other side of youth, the story you don’t know.

Childhood friends Seyun and Yoojin struggle to maintain their friendship as their lives take them down different paths. But when old feelings start resurfacing, a bitter tug-of-war starts, with hearts in the balance, secrets in the closet, and twists that nobody sees coming!
You Don't Know Me [First Impression]

What first struck med was the art. It’s very realistic and I felt very creeped out by the old man who is the loan shark.

I can’t believe they would target such a young student for that amount of money. It’s not even a realistic sum of money, do they want it or do they just want to cause pain?

So the father owes the loan shark over 100k euro, so 122k USD. Each payment per month is 20k yuan is about 2.6k euro. Some peoples salaries aren’t even that big, how are they expecting a kid to pay for that?!

I will say the lady who comes along with the loan shark is a really nice person. It’s clear she’s not approving of the methods, but I assume she’s being stuck there for some reason.

The main character is so pitiful, I feel so bad for him. He’s hiding everything from his mom, who isn’t exactly helping by nagging on him. Yet, even when she’s trying to be understanding he just shuts himself off and goes to his room.

The male lead in this story is also trying to get him to go to the police, but he doesn’t want to. I suppose I am understanding why he’s scared, I’d also fear for my life in case they didn’t take it seriously.

Overall it’s just a really depressing and sad story. Even the colours are bleak in the story, which is perfectly suitable for the story’s theme.

Recommendation: If you like tragic and dark stories, you may really like this one.

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