Jerk, You Can't Escape

Jerk, You Can’t Escape [First Impression]

Jerk, You Can’t Escape surprises me in many ways, and not necessarily in all the bad ones, either. There might a good story here, let’s find out, shall we?

Alt Titles渣男总裁别想逃, Zhā nán zǒng cái bié xiǎng táo, Zha Nan Zong Cai Bie Xiang Tao
CreatorsExtreme Culture [Extreme Comic Culture, JMCOMICS, Jí Màn Wénhuà, 极漫文化, Ji Man Wenhua, JMCOMIC] (Author & Artist)
LicensedYes, Webcomics
AdaptedDon’t think so
GenreDrama, PsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life (Mentions of suicide)
Jerk, You Can't Escape [First Impression]

Jerk, You Can’t Escape Summary

Amilia Yu is the member of the secret organization, Wolf-hunter. Her job is to punish playboys and to make them pay for their ever mistakes.

This time, her target is the well-known underworld’s king and famous financial group’s Mr. President, Ezekiel Jiang. Although he has extraordinary appearance, his heart is ice-cold.

Now he is the top ranked playboy in the target list of the organization.

In order to make him fall in love with her, Amilia will drain her strength and wits. In this game, will the hunter be hunted?!

Jerk, You Can't Escape [First Impression]
Ok, so I’m the first to admit the plot seems ridiculous but seen from a comedy standpoint, it’s not that bad. If you read this story as a dramatic and serious story, you will be very disappointed.

The art is slightly over the top as well, since it’s a story about a playboy who is going to be seduced by a really hot woman. It’s all by designed, they’ll try to seduce her and then she’ll be able to destroy their life.

It makes sense she’s drawn with a good figure and bigger chest, but it’s still so typical.

Amilia’s new playboy target is a famous CEO, Ezekiel Jiang. Several of his previous secretaries have all ended up with their life or sanity destroyed. One even commits suicide, according to the report they got. It’s clear that our protagonist is really upset with this man and she’ll do anything she can to take him down!

I kind of like the story to be honest. However, I have a feeling it’s going to be ruined by clichés and over the top misunderstandings.

It has so many chapters it’s just feeling like a drawn out comic which should have ended like half chapters ago.

Then again, if you like the story and art, at least you got a lot to read to waste your time on. It’s quite clear it’s going to end up with them falling in love, because how else would it end?

Recommendation: Not exactly my cup of tea but it’s kind of amusing to read. Check it out if you like manhua plots normally.

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