You Are Extraordinary

You Are Extraordinary [First Impression]

You Are Extraordinary seems to be interesting, although the basic plot is of fake dating. Maybe this one will manage to keep the cliché plot alive and well?

Alt TitlesOverwhelming You, 압도적 그대, Abdojeog Geudae, Kamu yang Luar Biasa
CreatorsLittle dreamer [꿈꾸는이, Dreamer, kkumkkuneuni] (Author)
Toyeon [토연] (Artist)
AdaptedFrom a novel (I think)
GenreComedyDrama,  RomanceSlice of Life, Smut (?)
You Are Extraordinary [First Impression]

You Are Extraordinary Summary

Shin Chaekyung accepts the punishment of confessing to a senior on the new employee training night.

The problem is, the manager she confessing to is notoriously cold and not interested in women.

After successfully confessing, Shin Chaekyung manager, Jung Yunu, holds her back.

The manager made an interesting offer, which was for Chaekyung to be his shield at the office.

Chaekyung, who is only a new employee, can’t just refuse. How will Chaekyung’s life be at the office?

You Are Extraordinary [First Impression]
You Are Extraordinary starts out with our female protagonist, Shin Chaekyung, attending a training trip. She’s determined to do well and become free from her annoying brother, and his texts.

The comic makes it seem the brother is abusing her, whereas the texts just show an overprotective brother. I do suppose that’s sort-of abusing, especially the controlling ones saying she shouldn’t look at men.

Jokes on him, she scores the biggest fish in the training centre: the manager, Jung Yunu. The manager is cold and disinterested in females, which makes him an ideal candidate to poke fun at.

You Are Extraordinary [First Impression]

Since he’s fed up with the behaviour from colleagues, he asks Chaekyung if she wants to start dating him.

Of course, it’s a fake relationship which we’ve seen countless of times. However, he ought to know it’s going to be difficult for her to decline his proposal since she’s new at the job.

I have yet to read a lot of chapters, but so far it’s good. It’s hardly unique story, but it’s not too bad and it has some potential. I quite like our female lead’s motivation!

I like the art style but it’s not anything super special. It reminds me a bit about some other stories, also set in an office building. I can’t remember the title of the series, though.

Recommendation: I’d say give it a go and start reading. It’s interesting so far but obviously not a super unique story.

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