Yeonwoo’s innocence [Recommendation]

Yeonwoo’s innocence is the cutest story I’ve been reading in a long time. It’s about a timid guy who is crushing hard on a very amazing classmate.

Alt TitlesYeon Woo’s Innocence, Yeon-uui Sunjeong, 연우의 순정, Yeonuui Sunjeong  
CreatorsEsol [E.S0L, E.SOL, ES0L, 이솔]
LicensedSadly no
Genre ComedyDramaMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseRomanceSchool Life
Yeonwoo's Innocence

Yeonwoo’s Innocence MU

Yeonwoo possesses such a delicate appearance which means he’s mistaken as a female student.

However, he has a secret crush on the school idol, Kang Haesol. But the shy and timid Yeonwoo never speaks to her..

Yeonwoo's Innocence
Yeonwoo’s Innocence is a cute story about a guy having a crush on a quite amazing classmate.

Our male protagonist is very much timid and shy, not daring to speak to Kang Haesol.

However, Kang Haesol isn’t unkind or rude, she just prefers to be quiet. Eventually Yeonwoo musters up the courage, asking her to go to a class trip with her.

From there on, they start running into each other. I can imagine Haesol admiring Yeonwoo, since he is caring and standing up for others. Despite being quite weak, he’s trying his best.

I absolutely love the way he’s blushing, he looks so adorable.

Kang Haesol isn’t one for many face expressions, so I’m curious if we’ll have a chapter with her thoughts and feelings.

It’s clear Kang Haesol is a very different individual, both in terms of looks but also personality. I’m not hating her personality, but it’s clear she’s very level-headed.

I do love she’s not cruel or mean, instead opting to be a nice towards everyone. Except those who’re hurting her friends, then she’s very much someone you do not want to mess with.

Recommendation: There’s some misunderstandings here and there, but overall I’m liking the story quite a bit.

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