Yeohye [Manhwa - First Impression]

Yeohye [Manhwa – First Impression]

Yeohye is a tragic tale about a girl whose family ends up dying. She later on takes revenge on the very same person, who claims he loves her.

Alt Titles여혜
CreatorsBeenary [Binali, 비나리, Binari]
LicensedNo, Daum Webtoon
AdaptedUnsure, probably not
GenreDramaHistoricalMature WarningMurderGorePsychologicalRomance
Yeohye [Manhwa - First Impression]

Yeohye Summary

Amidst the hidden truth and love-hate, the romance of the heart-breaking historical drama of those who only cross each other.

Yeohye [Manhwa - First Impression]
This story seems to be very heart-breaking from what I was able to read.

Our protagonist ends up taking revenge on her family, and thus becoming the leader of the country in the process. At least that’s what I think happens, it was hard to figure out exactly what happens in the story.

What’s even sadder is the realisation the person who kills her family is someone she was close to as a child. Imagine having your childhood friend turn on you and kill all your relatives. I’d be so upset and angry at them, and still you probably like them a bit.

The story has a really interesting twist, which I really didn’t see coming at first. We just assume the father is a travelling merchant or something, but turns out it’s more to him than meets the eye.

Yeohye accompanies him once, which ends up becoming an amazing experience for her. Sadly her happy childhood and young adult life is cut short due to someone from her past coming back and upsetting everything.

I really love the art when Yeohye is older, it looks really pretty! I absolutely love the way the shadows fall and how dark it seems in comparison to her happy childhood. Also the contrast between her dark hair and the red camellia is just utterly gorgeous.

The artist seems to be really good at aging the characters without making it look awkward. You can clearly tell the difference between Yeohye when she’s young, teenager and more mature adult.

Recommendation: Definitely check this one out if you can! Sadly it’s not licensed yet but maybe it will be eventually so everyone can read it.

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