Worst Families To Be Adopted/Born Into Part 1

Worst Families to Be Adopted/Born Into Part 1

Manhwas and webtoons feature some really messed up families. Here’s a few of the families we would never want to be born into.

If you know any other families, comment and let me know so we can compile a part 2! Without further ado, here’s the families you never want to be adopted/born into.

The Agriche family from “The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother
Worst Families To Be Adopted/Born Into Part 1

Imagine if the whole purpose of your family is to murder and maim other people. Not only that, the only way you’ll ever get recognition from your father is if you’re just an evil human being. Yikes. I think I’ll pass.

Even if you marry into this family, you still need to worry you may get maimed to death! Just look at Roxana’s mother, she almost got killed by another wife’s son. I must say some of the people from this family are good looking, but not enough for us to want to join them!

The Eckart family in “Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess” (Licensed)
Worst Families To Be Adopted/Born Into Part 1

I’d assume if you were actually the actual sibling, it wouldn’t be too bad. But the way Penelope is being treated by her “family” makes me think they’re just all @ssholes. They’re stuck up in their own feelings and how what they feel is the only correct way, thus fail to see why Penelope wanted to stay in the family. It may not be bad if you married into this family, but I’d definitely avoid adoption. Or “replacing” someone. You may lose your sanity. Are they bad people in general? Probably not, but their ways are twisted.

The Lagranges family from “The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke”
Worst Families To Be Adopted/Born Into Part 1

They literally leave children to fend for themselves. The main female is given cold milk and her brother is basically forced to hunt so he doesn’t starve. The father is a big fat… as well. I would rather not be born than be born into this family! Not to mention the servants are self-absorbed @sshats.

The Bifta family from “Please Throw Me Away”(Licensed)
Worst Families To Be Adopted/Born Into Part 1

Not sure what’s wrong with all these people adopting children then abusing them. Once again, poor Adele was adopted and forced to take over the role as the duke’s daughter. Yet she’s ridiculed and mistreated by her father and brother. People are just awful in these stories… Her father even refers to Adele as “it” or the “thing”. It was quite difficult to find good pictures, so I apologize for the poor collage.

The Young Lady I Served Became a Young Master (Licensed)

In this case, both Blair’s family and the family of Chloe are less than ideal. Blair Thorpes family only want her money, not really giving a hoot about her. They even went so far to sell all furniture, yet they don’t reflect on their shitty behavior! I think this family is rotten to the core.

Chloe’s family is called Bicester from what I could tell. Now, the husband is quite mean to just take his son and put him in a random household where the wife is going to kill him if he’s revealed as a man. The “only” thing he suffers from now is starvation, since he’s given poor quality food not even fit for servants. Just pure trash.

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