World Line [First Impression]

World Line is quite interesting but very, very confusing. The story is just being presented a bit oddly which isn’t benefitting the story.

Alt TitlesN/A
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalRomanceSupernatural
World Line [First Impression]

World Line Summary

The fate in the hands of this girl brings both safety and disaster to all of humanity.

Starting from the story of Rui who tried to find a way out of his destiny by crossing the line between worlds.

World Line starts out with a fairytale-esque story which tells a story about an evil fairy.

Apparently the ancestor to our female lead finds an unconscious man and a fairy saves him.

However, the fairy has some rules, including not falling in love and getting a baby. However, of course the couple end up falling in love and having a baby. Big surprise, right?

The man disappears and the female lead abandons her baby, due to the fairy lying and saying he’ll return to her if she does. Of course the man isn’t coming back and there seems to be a curse hanging onto the heirs.

World Line [First Impression]
As the child grows up, she’s given the name Carla and becomes the 18th ancestor of the family.

The initial start is kind of annoying and messy, but I think the story does get better. It doesn’t seem the artist is continuing the story, which is a pity.

The webtoon is having a really nice art, which I’m liking a lot. The story is slightly confusing but it’s not bad, overall. It seems to be a good storyline, and I feel bad for the female lead.

Everyone fears her because of the grey shadow and the fact she’s also going to die because of the shadow. Every heir to the family ends up dying early on in their life.

Her family is close to another family which can somehow keep this shadow-figure at bay.

I don’t think the story is done, sadly. Maybe the artist will pick it up eventually, but for now we only have 10 chapters or so.

The chapters are split in multiple parts, which is a common occurrence with the canvas stories.

Final thoughts: The story you can read for free on webtoons. Which means it’s definitely worth checking out if you like fantasy stories.

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