Words & Kisses [Recommendation]

Words & Kisses is a really short story about a girl’s love. There’s not a lot to the story, but since it’s so short it’s an easy reading.

Alt Titles말과 키스, malgwa kiseu
CreatorsKIM Sehee [Author)
Mockma [Mockma, 木馬, 목마] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Manta.net
AdaptedFrom a novel (excerpt from a novel?)
GenreDramaShoujo Ai / Yuri

Words & Kisses Summary

Just as I was about to get into another ambiguous, half-hearted relationship, I met her.

Hyunjin Go.

I can’t take my eyes off her. I have been treading a dull path, and she knocks me right off.

Then I feel it — a little piece of my heart, breaking off and slipping away.

“She’s so pretty…”

Words & Kisses [Recommendation]
Words & Kisses is a really short manhwa, with only about 4 chapters it’s a story anyone can finish reading in one sitting.

The story starts with the female lead going to a meetup.

Once there, she meet Hyunjin Go, a comic artist filled to the brim with life and confidence.

Our female lead, Junhee, starts off on a bad foot with Hyunjin, but things seem to be picking up. They settle into a weird, ambivalent relationship and end up meeting once a month.

The story itself is very nice, but short.

Things are feeling very rushed but it’s obviously not possible to fit a lot in four chapters only. Each chapter seems to further the relationship between the two women.

I quite like the story regardless how short it is. The relationship is sweet but it’s confusing, mainly because of the shortness of the story.

You can’t really go wrong reading the story since it only has four chapters!

Final thoughts: Overall, I quite like the story despite how short it is. If you like a short but sweet, girl’s love story, this could be it for you.

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