Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt [First Impression]

Witch Hunt seems to be an intriguing story about a young witch and demons. Matters escalate when a kleptomaniac gets pulled into the problem.

Alt Titles魔女獵人, 마녀사냥, Manyeo Sanyang, Mónǚ lièrén
CreatorsPARK So-Yeon [Bak So, Park So, Park So Yeon, Park Soyeon, Park Sso, Parkso, Sso Park, コノ, 박소 (박소연), 박소연, 박] (Author & Artist)
AdaptedDon’t think so
Genre DramaFantasySchool LifeSupernatural

Witch Hunt Summary

At the first day of his school, Gamin saw something that he shouldn’t have seen and from that day, his previously witch-less life became double double toiled and troubled.

Witch Hunt [First Impression]

The story begins in school, where our female lead is becoming involved with a new transfer student. By involved I mean he catches her using magic and then steals her marble!

You see, our male lead is seemingly a kleptomaniac with no issues stealing from potential friends. The issue starts when he steals our witch’s marble which she has in a bag around her neck.

Needless to say, things get bad because of this. Initially I had no sympathies towards him, since it’s his behaviour and illegal activities that got him into issues.

Witch Hunt [First Impression]
However, I do hope there’s going to be a redemption arc for him where he puts his talents to better use than stealing.

From what I can gather, the plot seems very involved and interesting. There’s a lot of content and it’s not for those who have a short attention span. Likewise it seems the story doesn’t actually feature any romance, which I suppose is a pity.

That being said, it’s better to skip the romance if it’s not needed in the story. The main focus of the story isn’t romance, but about the witch. Adding romance would have pulled away from the actual plot, I reckon.

From what I’ve read in the comments on certain sites, this isn’t that great of a story. However, I don’t think that it means that it’s a bad one, just not suitable for some.

I personally didn’t mind the witch, nor her personality. It makes sense she would be cocky or confident about her abilities. For some, her personality may be off-putting but it’s not that bad in my eyes.

Recommendation: I’m not sure about this one, it didn’t seem that bad in the first few chapters but it may get worse. I suppose you can give it a shot and see if you like it!

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