Witch Creek Road [Horror Month]

Witch Creek Road is a bloody story, featuring some supernatural occurrences. Not for the weak of heart!

Alt TitlesN/A
CreatorsGarth the Geek, Garth Matthams (Author)
Kenan Halilovic, Kenan Halilović (Artist)
Ania Jarmołowska, Ania Jarmolowska (Colourist)
GenreActionDramaHorrorMature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholGore/blood,  Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderSchool Life (very briefly), Supernatural
Witch Creek Road [Horror Month]

Witch Creek Road Summary

A survival horror about love, acceptance, death and revenge. And sexy flesh-eating demons. Yeah, it has those, too.


Witch Creek Road isn’t an Asian horror comic, but seemingly based in North America.

I’m not going to lie and say it’s a favorite of mine, since I do prefer more subtle horror comics. However, there’s a charm to this story which I rarely see in a lot of comics.

There’s a nice chunk of supernatural gore, but also a lot of human issues. Things such as peer-pressure, rumours and school drama.

Season 3 is more my cup of tea, since it features the point of view from different victims. I quite like that, since it gives a nice depth to the story and does give us something to feel.

Witch Creek Road [Horror Month]
Like I previously wrote, I’m not a huge fan so I haven’t been following the comic too much.

However, I know it’s a good one if you like death, murder, supernatural, gore and a loooot of blood. There’s a good chunk of mystery intertwined in these stories, too.

I do really like the art, it reminds me of comics from my youth. I’ve been reading a lot of manga and manhwa series, with their specific character designs.

It’s a breath of fresh air to read something which isn’t quite as cutesy, but still really well-drawn!

From what I gathered, there’s a webtoons version and a comic book version. If you’ve read the webtoons version, you may want to check out an explanation of the comic. Beware though, there’s spoilers! A lot of them.

Final thoughts: Although it’s not my cup of tea, I think each season is quite unique and thus have something for everyone.

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month, where we share some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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