Wish to Say Farewell [First Impression - Manhwa]

Wish to Say Farewell [First Impression – Manhwa]

The characters constantly keep their mouths open for no good reason. The main character is basically stuck with an open mouth, waiting for a fly to get in.

Alt Title I Bid You Adieu, Ibyeoreul Huimanghamnida, 이별을 희망합니다
CreatorsYunyeoeum, io (story webtoon)
Licensed?Yes, TappyToon

Wish To Say Farewell Summary:

Ayne le Poregrin has three “trophies” in her collection of men: a reluctant fiancé held hostage by his debts, a fickle assassin paid to be her lover, and a soulless pet dog won at a slave auction.

But to suddenly wake up one day as this femme fatale is the worst possible surprise.

As the villainess of the novel “The Fairy Garden,” the new “Ayne” is fated to die a painful death at the hands of her very own trophies! To sidestep her grim future, she knows she’ll need to break up with all three.

As soon as she tries to say goodbye, however, each man becomes attached and won’t leave her alone! Can Ayne turn their affections towards the story’s heroine and save her own life in the process? –1stkissmanga

Overall “Wish To Say Farewell” is a typical reverse harem where suddenly all men start to like the female. I almost think they’re all masochists, or have some severe psychological disorder.
Wish To Say Farewell Ayne's expression
Ayne and her expression 95 percent of the time

The main female character started out decently with a “plan” to drop all male characters before she subsequently dies at their hands. But lo and behold, they now throw themselves at her feet due to her change in behavior. 

Despite it being an isekai story, I cannot say the MC brings a lot to the table. She’s easily flustered and all her plans backfire. Her genius plan was to just break up with the men, and hope for the best. However, once they start to actually want her, she’s at a loss.

At this point she should just move away and change everything they know about her. Of course, the psychotic killer that is her bae might come after her anyway.

This is supposed to be a romantic story, but imagine yourself in her shoes. She wants to cut ties with all of these men, yet they don’t take no for an answer. Horrifying. I’d be peeking around every corner with a baseball at the ready.

The art is pretty but the fact Ayne is drawn with a perpetually open mouth just annoys the living hell out of me. It looks stupid. If you look at the other design elements of the story it’s decent, but those bloody mouths.

I get they’re supposed to be her “talking” but she should learn to listen with the mouth closed.. Not to mention her face is stuck in a constant “Pikachu” face of surprise at EVERYTHING.

Find it officially on Tappytoon.

Recommendation: You won’t miss anything by skipping this. 

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