Mr. Lu, Your Wife Is Trending Again! [First Impression]

Mr. Lu, Your Wife is Trending Again! [First Impression]

Mr. Lu, Your Wife Is Trending Again! starts out with attempted rape, drugging & blackmailing. Stay away from this trash.

Alt Titles陆总 你的老婆又上热搜啦, Mr. Lu Your Wife is on Hot Searches Again!, Lù zǒng, nǐ de lǎopó yòu shàng rè sōu la, Lu Zong Ni De Lao Pa You Shang Re Sou,
CreatorsAyingzi (Author)
Chadian Dongman [Cha Dian Dong Man, chā diàn dòng màn, 插电动漫, Plug-In Anime] (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English Translation
GenreMature WarningDrugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRape / Mentions of RapeSmut, RomanceSlice of Life,  Drama
Mr. Lu, Your Wife Is Trending Again! [First Impression]

Mr. Lu, Your Wife Is Trending Again! Summary

This story begins when our hero and heroine reunite seven years later. The heroine is now an overly cautious entertainer, and the hero is a wealthy tycoon.

They were in love with each other, but because of a misunderstanding seven years ago, they thought the other was not interested.

Luckily, after experiencing many hardships together, and uncovering the truth, the lovers finally ger married and steps into the realm of happiness.

Mr. Lu, Your Wife Is Trending Again! [First Impression]
I will start out with the positives: the art. Overall the art is pretty good and I like the character design of our female lead.

Even the old man who almost rapes her is designed in such a repulsive way it works. However, that’s about where the good things stop with the manhua.

First and foremost, we have the aspiring actress drinking some drugged water, like it contains some aphrodisiac or something. She enters the hotel room, where a fat man is naked and waiting for her. Apparently her manager drugs the water so she’ll sleep with the investor and increase her fame.

She almost agrees to having sex, but then runs away in horror. She ends up in the arms of another, more handsome man. Who then proceeds to take her virginity while she is under the influence of a drug.

Look at that long neck
Look at that neck
I’m not even sure she remembers what happens during the event, so that’s rape. I suppose since he’s hot, that’s ok… not.

So there we already have enough clichés to make me want to vomit. But hold on, it gets worse. His assistant then fetches a pre-nuptial contract because he’s going to marry her! Fun, she’s being coerced into marriage.

You know what this is called? Blackmailing. It’s pretty illegal, but I suppose if you have money you’re above the law in these manhua series.

He’s practically saying, either you marry me or your career is never going to take off. Since she desperately want to become a popular actress, she agrees to the marriage. So there we have an @sshole of a male lead and a female lead being pitiful.

Maybe this story is having some potential, but I just can’t get over the first chapter. Did I forgot to mention that? All of this happens in the first chapter only.

Recommendation: It’s trash, but it’s at least good looking trash.

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