The Wicked Queen [Recommendation]

The Wicked Queen is a story you’ll either love or hate. It’s hard to find pity for the female lead, until you find out her thoughts and feelings.

Alt TitlesE Nü Huanghou, Flower in the Palace, Flower Lotus Living in the Palace, Gung’e’neun Gae’ggoch’i Sanda, L’Azalée, Miya ni Saku Doku no Hana, Snapdragon in the Palace, Ác Nữ Hoàng Hậu, Злая Королева, 宮に咲くは毒の華, 恶女皇后, 궁에는 개꽃이 산다
CreatorsSHIN Ji-Sang, SHIN Su-Mi, 신수미, Shin Soo-mi, SHIN Chi-sang, SHIN Ji-Shang, シン ジサン, 申旨翔, 辰旨翔, 신지상 (Author)
Yoon Tae Roo, Yun Tae Ru, テル, 윤태루 (Author)
Ga Yan, Ga-Yang, 가얀 (Artist)
AdaptedUnsure but probably
GenreDramaHistorical, Mature Warning: Drugs / Alcohol, Gore/blood, DepressionMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Suicide / Attempted SuicidePsychologicalRomance
The Wicked Queen

The Wicked Queen Summary

There is a saying in the imperial palace of the Yin Dynasty, “If you see the princess in the palace, you must avoid her!”

Although this princess has amazing beauty, she is jealous and poisonous, and she has tortured countless people, so notorious.

But the imperial concubine’s unscrupulous evildoings are for only one goal: to hear the emperor confesses his love and makes her the queen!

Face with such a woman, how will the emperor parry?

The Wicked Queen
In The Wicked Queen, the female lead is notoriously cruel and without sympathy.

At least in the beginning, where she’s eagerly gaining knowledge and soaking up information.

However, I find that part of the issue is how everyone says she’s the “only one”, making her feel superior to others. Her love and obsession for the emperor is also not healthy.

Neither is his obsession with her. He clearly cares about her, but shows it in such a roundabout and careless way. If you know someone loves you, either accept their feelings or turn away completely. Instead he’s leading her on for many chapters, giving kindness occasionally.

It’s only when she’s conspiring to kill someone that he steps in, changing the course of their relationship.

Wicked Queen
Honestly, they’re not good for each other and I doubt she’d be a good empress. At least not in the state she is in when she’s yearning for the emperor.

Yet despite clearly being the antagonist, you can’t help but to feel pity for her. Her sadness, fear and abandonment issues aren’t her fault, but the result of people leaving her.

I’m not saying she’s without fault, because I do think something is wrong with her. She’s not mentally sane, but that has only been further exacerbated by everyone around her. She never realized she was doing something wrong, because consequences didn’t apply to her.

She even pushed the crown prince in the lake! And she received no punishment but instead ended up becoming promised to him!

Overall I must also compliment the artist. The art is for the most part gorgeous and I love the character design of the characters.

Final thoughts: The story isn’t for everyone, nor will everyone like it. However, I find it has some real important message to relay outside of the “romance tragedy” genre.

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