Who’s Mr President? [First Impression]

Who’s Mr. President? is probably not being continued anymore, which is a pity since it’s quite a fun story. It’s worth checking out the chapters available, though!

Alt TitleN/A
CreatorsS.M.S [artfoliosms]
LicensedTapas, Webtoons
Genre Drama, School Life
Who’s Mr President? [First  Impression]

Who’s Mr President? Summary

What will you do if you become a Student Body vice president but the president’s identity is unknown?

Well, everything is will be okay, if only your high school is not full of rich, smart, yet weird-evil people.

Who’s Mr President? [First  Impression]
The story starts out with our female lead (I think it’s a female) starting a highly elite school.

She enters on a scholarship, which causes two of her schoolmates suspect her of cheating to gain access to the school.

Apparently the test is quite difficult and no one has yet to gain a decent score to plant them in the school.

It turns out our female lead is allegedly quite smart, closer to that of a genius than anything else. Her schoolmates are giving off weird vibes, but she discovers their secret quite early on, impressing them.

As it turns out, the school has a different type of school council, where the members aren’t known to the others. This is to prevent bullying and other things from occurring.

Who’s Mr President? [First  Impression]
Since the school is only suitable for the crème de la crème of society, many families use their children to get back at others.

Which isn’t something the school wants happening, thus they have spies (school council) keeping an eye on things.

Our female lead is chosen to be an official representative of the council, which she’s not so eager to accept. At least until she hears the benefits and she seems to reconsider her stance on it.

Overall I do like the series, it’s just a pity it seems the creator is not continuing the story. The art is honestly really good and easily rivals that of professional comic creators.

I’m not sure if it’s still running in its original language, but it doesn’t seem like it’s being updated in English. It’s quite a pity, since the story is one of the better ones I’ve been reading so far.

Final thoughts: The story has good art, interesting setting and plot – it’s a pity we only have about 6 chapters in English. Still, I recommend checking out those chapters anyway!

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