Ingrid, the White Deer [Manhwa – First Impression]

Ingrid, the White Deer starts out like most romance stories. Two different people come together for marriage and chaos follows.

Alt Titles Ingrid, El Ciervo Blanco!, White Deer Ingrid!, White Deer!, 흰 사슴 잉그리드, 白鹿少女英嘉莉德
CreatorsRed Parsley (레드파슬리) – (Artist & Author), WhiteFence (흰울타리) – (Author)
Licensed?Yes, TappyToon

Synopsis of “Ingrid, The White Deer”

When the title of “Elvynee Deer” is awarded to the pure and lovely Ingrid Farnese, all of high society expects her to marry into foreign royalty.

Cursed in love with a history of broken engagements, Ingrid is determined to stay put at home in Valentine Kingdom.

To take control of her own future she’ll make the king’s illegitimate son, libertine and womanizer Regan Espencer, propose to her. But the problem is, Regan is the only man in the country who doesn’t want her hand in marriage! – 1stKissManga

For all intents and purposes, “Ingrid, The White Deer” has the classical theme of foes to friends to lovers.

However, what I was enjoying with the story is how humanized the characters are.

Ingrid is seen as some type of saint in the eyes of others, fully hiding her true personality.

Although she’s a beautiful woman with good manners, she’s not a pushover. She has more spunk than what you initially may think.

Regan on the other hand, starts out as an alcoholic, drug abusing asshole. He’s hard to sympathies with, yet you kind of understand his predicament. He didn’t want this marriage.

In fact, someone who everyone is believing to be a pure angel tricked him into the marriage. It’s understandable Regan would be upset.

It’s quite interesting to see how these very different people start to developing an understing of each other.

How their relationship changes and how real love may blossom between them. It’s equally interesting to see the results of their actions affect others around them.

Ingrid, The White Deer
Character development!
That being said, the art is slightly problematic.

All female characters basically look like Ingrid and all male characters basically have Regan’s face. It’s especially obvious during a festival scene.

I literally was thinking it was Ingrid when it was the crown princess. That’s just a bit too much for it to be acceptable.

Certain scenes may also be uncomfortable for people affected by violence, yelling or psychological manipulation. Even drinking and drugs occur in the manhwa.

Recommendation: A good read, but not a must read.

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