Whispers of the Devil [1st Impression]

Whispers Of The Devil seems to be the typical manhua series. A dominating male lead and a weak, feeble female lead.

Alt Titles恶魔低语时, Èmó dīyǔ shí, Emo Di Yu Shi, When the Devil Whispers
CreatorsICiyuan Dongman, iCiyuan动漫, ICiyuan Comics
GenreDrama, Mature WarningMental / Physical AbuseRape attemptRomanceSlice of Life

Whispers Of The Devil Summary

Jing Qiao (Claire) and Le Yan Shen (Anson) vows to each other during their wedding. Under the fake appearance of a perfect marriage is roaring waves.

During their wedding night, Jing Qiao had flashbacks while suffering under Yan Shen’s humiliation and torture. A sinking accident forever marks her as a murderer. His arrival only pushes her further into the depths of hell.

“Jing Qiao (Claire), you can’t escape this!”

“Le Yan Shen (Anson), I don’t owe you anything. It’s time for us to part!”

Whispers Of The Devil  [1st Impression]
Whispers Of The Devil has good art, like most manhua series.

However, it definitely lacks in any type of plot and it’s quite horrible.

Our female lead’s friend dies since a cruise goes under and everyone blames the female lead. Even the friend’s fiancé hates her and forces her to marry him to “repay” his fiancés death.

How anyone really thought it was the female lead’s fault the friend died is beyond me. I suppose forced plot points will be forced plot points. I can’t really expect anything else from manhua comics…

Whispers Of The Devil  [1st Impression]
Our female lead marries our male lead due to some reason or another.

He’s going to have his way with her but changes his mind, unless I remember wrong.

We then have a time skip into the past and we find out why our female lead is in this predicament. Needless to say, I think you can skip this manhua series.

I hate these manhua comics since they’re mass-produced and all have similar plots. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re all based on the same novel or something, too.

Final thoughts: It’s as trashy as they come, just skip reading and save yourself the pain.

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