Where the Sea Breeze Blows [Review]

Where the Sea Breeze Blows [Review]

Where the Sea Breeze Blows is a short and sweet story. Our protagonist is a mute boy who is hiding a secret from everyone around him.

Alt Titles海风吹过的地方, Hǎifēng chuīguò dì dìfāng, Haifeng chuiguo di difang
CreatorsWángdàkè [王大客]
LicensedSadly No
GenreDramaFantasySlice of LifeSupernatural

Summary of Where The Sea Breeze Blows

During an accident, he was once able to feel the warmth of mankind.

Many years later, he met his saviour again during a migratory period but was unable to save her so he brought her child back home.

The person who picked the child up was the her father who named him Xiao Hai. For more than ten years, Xiao Hai’s kindness and warmth healed his grandfather and affected the people around him…

4.5/5 Art
Where The Sea Breeze Blows [Review]
Xiao Hai

What I first noticed was the beautiful colours in this manhua. It’s a short and sweet story, with the focus on a mute boy named Xiao Hai.

Despite him being mute, the artist managed to give him personality and some lines. I really liked how the sign language were given speech bubbles so we understood what he said anyway. I’ve never seen that before and I really, really liked it.

I also enjoyed how the artist drew humpback whales in such a beautiful and realistic manner. The characters are also well-drawn and seem to fit into the world.

Of course there’s flaws, which made it not get a full score. Mainly the body of Xiao Hai which seems very stilted and unfinished in comparison to the face or the birds.

4.8/5 Characters
Where The Sea Breeze Blows [Review]

Xiao Hai. That’s a Chinese name I will never forget. The character of Xiao Hai is very much unique and likeable, especially considering how much personality he has a mute. He’s not a person who speaks too much, but you can tell he uses his body language to get his wishes across.

The character of Xiao Hai is definitely something else.

Even his mother and grandpa are unique characters and you feel like you knew them, despite short mentions of them. The mother was a very dedicated person and liked investigating the sea. The grandpa is a fisherman, who is also connected to the sea.

All of these characters seem to have huge connections with the sea, which is really interesting considering the plot.

Where The Sea Breeze Blows [Review]
4.8/5 Plot

There’s many plot points in the story and you’ll probably go “aha, so that’s how it was”. Initially I was being extremely confused, but reading the dialogue and looking at the pages, everything was clearing up.

Xiao Hai was once saved and although he couldn’t save someone, he did the next best thing. For these years, Xiao Hai has brightened the grandpa’s life and made it more worth living for him.

The story ended on such a bittersweet note, which definitely tugs at our heartstrings. Yet, I can’t imagine it ending any other way. Xiao Hai did what he needed to do, what he always did.

Where The Sea Breeze Blows [Review]
14.1 /15 Conclusion:

This is a story you must be reading if you like anything supernatural, myths or legends. It’s a tragic story but also filled with a lot of love. The beautiful and bright art makes you think it’s a happy story, but it’s in reality a very heart-warming and tragic one.

There seems to have been hints of BL, but’s never acted on which is both good and bad. I think it would have distracted from the feel of the story if we’re adding in a bunch of other relationships.

I wish this story could have some type of explanation or continuation in the future, because it was really good! It’s definitely not for everyone, but it’s so short you should at least give it a try.

Highlight to read explanation of the story below:

Xiao Hai is the humpback whale it seems. He was saved by the grandpa’s daughter when he got stranded on the beach. He couldn’t save her, but he granted her wish and ended up on the beach as a child. The grandpa found him and took him in as his own. Since he granted the wish of the woman, he lost his voice. Only when he sacrificed his life to save the people on the ships did his voice return, as per the legend.

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