When the day comes

When the day comes [First Impression]

When The Day Comes is an interesting take on a relationship coming to an end. Two youngsters decide to stick together as to not ruin a festival for their class.

Alt TitlesGakjaui D-Day, Gakjaui Didei, Our D-Days, 각자의 디데이
CreatorsOMYO [Ohmyo, オミョ, 哦貓, 오묘] – Instagram, Twitter
LicensedYes, Webtoons
Genre ComedyDramaRomanceSchool Life
When The Day Comes [First Impression]

When The Day Comes Summary

We’re in a relationship where we’ve broken up but haven’t really broken up. What will happen to us when we haven’t been truthful?


I quite like the art for When The Day Comes. It has a sort-of comic book style which I don’t see in a lot of newer manhwas. The art is slightly messy and feels like it has a lot of life in it, which is good.

The plot itself is also kind of funny, with the fake couple having matching name. In Korean, the names mean “Blue” and “Yellow” – which is why they even got together in the first place.

Apparently they weren’t in the same class at the start, but everyone kept mentioning the other person to them. Obviously this made them feel like they knew a bit about them.

Fast-forward a year and they’re now in the same class. Since everyone expects them to date, they become a couple. However, they end up breaking it off. Despite that, they pretend everything is fine in order to maintain high spirits for a school festival (or something like that).

The story feels quite unique in this regard, even though it’s sad they have to pretend. It seems the male lead still have feelings for the female lead, but that could be my imagination.

I’m not sure I ship them together, but I have an inkling they’ll end up dating for real soon.

Recommendation: Worth to check out since you can read it for free. Seems like a nice romance story set in a school environment.

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