when I woke up one day

when I woke up one day [First Impression]

When I Woke Up One Day features a one-night stand with a colleague. Turns out they are both attracted to each other before the boom-chicka-wow-wow.

Alt TitlesAru Hi Mezametara, Aruhi Mezametara, あるひ、めざめたら
CreatorsAMAMIYA Wata [あまみやわた] (Author)
YAMAGIRI Kei [山桐硅] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics (Official English Translation)
GenreDramaMature Warning: Smut RomanceSlice of Life
When I Woke Up One Day [First Impression]

When I Woke Up One Day Summary

“I thought your body would break that night, Ayase.” One morning, you are there when I wake up.

My cool boss treats me like a child, so I never thought he would ever see me as a woman. Is this the start of a slightly sad, bittersweet, and mature office love story?!

When I Woke Up One Day starts off quite normal, in terms of smutty comics.

Our female lead was so drunk she’s not able to remember what happened the night before. Of course, the guy claims he doesn’t remember either. If that’s the case, I suppose it’s fine, even if it’s stupid. However, after spending several hours at his place, he reveals he DOES remember what happened.

For me, this is really just a no-no. If someone is so drunk they black out, they’re probably not capable of making a decision relating to intimacy. Especially with someone they don’t know well or previously have an active sexual relationship with, such as a boyfriend.

It’s clear this is also upsetting to her, since she runs off in tears. Of course the male lead isn’t apologizing or anything, because he thinks he’s in the rights. Or something like that, whatever goes on in his head.

Saddest part about it is how well they seem to fit together. Their dynamic is good and the way they quip back and forth, equally good.

Had they excluded that part where he confesses to being aware, it would have been better. It would have been a normal one-night stand with equal regret or wants, which would then be fine.

Overall it doesn’t seem like anything super special, but I do kind of like it anyway. It has a certain charm to it and the work colleagues do have some chemistry.

We all know they’re going to end up together anyway, which I can totally get considering their quips and chemistry.

Recommendation: Well worth taking a look at, it seems like it has some potential to be a cute and mature office romance.

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