What it takes to be a villainess

What it takes to be a villainess [Manhwa – Review]

What It Takes To Be A Villainess is a decent isekai manhwa with some plots and twists. Does it manage to reach up to other isekai manhwas, though?

Alt Titles악녀의 정의, The Justice of a Villainous Woman,  La justicia de una dama villana, 恶女的定义, 悪女の定義,  Definition of a Wicked Girl
CreatorsHÆON, Yuns (Authors), Min (REDICE STUDIO) (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, TappyToon. French, ChineseJapaneseIndonesian
NovelYes, but can’t find it.

In “What It Takes To Be A Villainess” we meet isekai:er Hwayoung who passes away, falling into a river. However, when she is finally waking up, she’s become the villainess Satiana Altisee Kaylon.

Originally a spoiled sole heiress of the Kaylon family, Hwayoung takes on the role. She’s setting out to change the perception of herself as the villainess.

What It Takes To Be A Villainess -Leofred Effira Peracalonin

Since this is an isekai story, the main lead has some foreknowledge about the world and the plot.

For instance, she knows that competing in the prince’s favour is Irene. She also knows that they’re lovers and that Irene has a good personality. This is despite being a bullying victim.

Crown prince Leofred Effira Peracalonin has no affection towards Satiana. He actually seem indifferent or hostile towards her. It seems Satiana has to be working hard to make a name for herself!

The new Satiana isn’t too keen on even becoming empress. She’s forcing herself to attempt it due to the sacrifices her father has made for her.

Despite having a lot stacked against her, the comic doesn’t actually make you feel like there’s an urgency to the issues presented. We always have the confidence that Satiana will be able to overcome the difficulties presented and turn it all around.

It’s only a few times it seems slightly more impossible. Even so, we just know everything will be ok. The comic hardly allows for many plot twists nor is it featuring any true hardships.

The comic was decent in the beginning. When Leofred and Satiana’s relationship was developing and there were still mystery and confusion. However, once certain events come to light, it just grinds on and on.

The story arc continues on for a good portion of the comic. We’re just waiting on the “enemy” to make a mistake and Satiana to turn it around.

Satiana isn’t a bad empress candidate, in fact she’s the best one and offers the most to the empire. Where Satiana focuses on building up the empire and creating relationships, Irene focuses on a few relationships but only that.

Irene offers nothing of value, except clinging to her relationship with Leofred and portraying that to others. It’s infuriating how this is what matters, when Satiana is the one who works her butt off to create a better empire.

Although the comic seems to have politics, it’s mostly just public opinion dividing into two fields, which lessens it. Real politics would be supporting Irene, but then offering Satiana something she needs to undermine Irene. There would be huge risks involved.

However, we don’t really see this. Instead it’s Leofred who later on battles with more of the political issues. Which is lessening the focus on Satiana and her capabilities. She’s being protected by everyone.

What It Takes To Be A Villainess:  Satiana and Leo

Satiana has the capabilities of protecting herself most of the time. In the comic there’s a mention of how Leofred was an excellent student, but his brother was a better candidate for emperor because he took help from others.

He knew he was lacking and therefore opted to utilize others’ knowledge. The same can be said for Satiana, she is much more capable on her own, but she lets other people do what they do best.

She’s opting for giving solutions and discussing it with others beforehand.

Despite praising Satiana, I do feel like the comic is lacking in many aspects.

Like previously stated, it’s too sweet and nice. It’s trying to give off an air of being dangerous, but unlike “Lady to Queen“, I didn’t for one moment think Satiana was really failing. She’ll be succeeding more or less always, which isn’t realistic.

We’re not all knowing, thus it makes sense to suffer heavy losses occasionally. Instead of Satiana being threatened, it falls of Leofred or even his 2nd brother! But even then, nothing happens. It’s all too good to be true.

I haven’t mentioned anything about the art, because truthfully there’s nothing special to say. It’s average. It’s neither bad nor amazing, it’s existing. The comic is fully coloured, as standard nowadays by korean comics.

Although the art isn’t anything special. The art is serving its purpose and only occasionally certain things get awkward. This is usually from a faraway angle, such as pupils going everywhere.

Overall I’d say it’s a decent read but it’s hardly an amazing story. It’s available to read on TappyToon, but there’s also a non-officially scanlation happening. Although the translation is so bad, it’s almost impossible to read it.

Overall Rating: 3/5

  • Art: 3.5/5
  • Plot: 3/5
  • Characters 2.5/5

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