If I were You [First Impression]

If I Were You is a story I’m unable to find a lot of information about. Nevertheless, it seems to be a decent story with a novel as its base.

Alt TitleThere May I go?, 거기 내가 가면 안 돼요?
CreatorsJi yoon (Illustrator), Geumyi Lee [이금이] (Original Story), Winter (Writer)
LicensedYes, Manta.net
ReleaseUnsure, 2021?
AdaptedYes, Novel “there, may I go?”
GenreDramaHistoricalMature WarningMental / Physical AbuseRomance
If I Were You [First Impression]

If I Were You Summary

A maid swaps lives with a lady…

Set in the Japanese colonial period, a young girl is gifted a maidservant who looks just like her on her 8th birthday.

The fate of the two children entwines as they each carve out their own destiny, surpassing obstacles such as status and gender, education and culture, and ethnicity and race.

If I Were You [First Impression]
If I Were You starts out with a short introduction of our female leads, including the father.

You see, the blonde girl is Chaeryung and the brown-haired girl is Sunnam.

Chaeryung grows up wanting nothing, save maybe motherly love. Her father betrays Korea to Japan, gaining him a bad reputation but wealth. He has one son and one daughter, but the son we’re not privy to a lot of information about.

At least not in the beginning, but it seems Chaeryung is feeling jealous about him.

If I Were You [First Impression]
Sunnam is a villager who volunteers as a maidservant for Chaeryung but it seems they become friends.

Not without Chaeryung using her status to play violently with Sunnam, projecting all of her anger into the play.

Despite the friendly nature between them, it’s clear they’re having a split between social hierarchy. In the prologue we also see how Chaeryung is cast aside by her father in favour of Sunnam.

Something is going to happen in the series to cause this, but we’re going to see it happen from start to finish.

The story’s art reminds me a bit about Her Tale of Shim Chong. I think it’s because Sunnam and Shim Chong have similar character designs.

Final thoughts: The story seems interesting enough, but we’re just in the beginning with 7 chapters. Definitely keep an eye on this one!

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