We're Soulmates Starting From Today

We’re Soulmates Starting From Today [First Impression]

We’re Soulmates Starting From Today is a story about childhood friends enemies, starting to date and marry. All due to a business contract.

Alt Titles오늘부터 천생연분, oneulbuteo cheonsaeng-yeonbun
CreatorsNO Seung Ah [No Sung A, No Sung Ah, NOH Seung-A, 노승아] (Author)
Dalnodo  [달노도] (Artist)
LicensedNo, Naver
AdaptedOriginally a novel
GenreComedyDrama, RomanceSlice of Life
We're Soulmates Starting From Today  [First Impression]

We’re Soulmates Starting From Today Summary

Rising stars and longtime childhood friends, So Dakyung and Ji Minwoo.

The scandalous open ‘business relationship’ is rapidly evolving to ‘marriage’! But somewhere in this whole marriage, is something a little suspicious.

“Before the summer you turn 29, you must succeed in marrying So Dakyung.” What kind of story did he have with his old note?

We're Soulmates Starting From Today  [First Impression]
So the basic gist of the story is this, we have two childhood friends (enemies) who end up becoming famous.

Due to some paparazzi photo, they’re involved in a scandal. Instead of denying it, the male lead decides it’s a great idea to roll with it and gain fame.

Our female lead isn’t too keen on the idea, but money is a great motivator. Long story short, they agree to not only date, but also marry.

I’m not sure how I feel about this story, mainly due to the female lead. She’s clearly headstrong, speaks her mind but doesn’t think further ahead. She’s very caught up in how she should respond she doesn’t think about the situation at all.

In the past, the male lead have advised her on roles and such. All of his gut feelings turns out to be true, so she obviously trusts him this time, too.

I can’t help but to feel like he may have some ulterior motive behind this marriage. Yet I highly doubt it’s going to be harmful to her.

It’s probably so simple as he’s in love with her, but this is the only way he can approach her. Overall I’m not a huge fan of this series, although it has some funny moments.

I’m mainly hesitant because I’ve seen this done so many times before. The fake contract, enemies to lovers and so on.

Recommendation: I’m not saying you shouldn’t read this, but I don’t think you can expect anything special from it

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