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Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married [Manhwa – First Impression]

There’s an influx of “time reversal” and “isekai” stories out there, but “Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married” stands out.

Alt TitlesAppa Na I Gyeolhon An Hallaeyo!, Dad I Won’t Get Married!, Father I Don’t Want this Marriage!,
아빠 나 이 결혼 안 할래요!
CreatorsHong Hee Su (Author), Roal, Yuri (Artists)
Licensed?Yes, TappyToon
NovelYes, English
Want To Get Married
Novel cover

Father, I Don’t Want To Get Married pushes the misunderstandings to the brim. Normally the female lead is having a bad relationship with her father, alternatively he dotes on her quite a bit. Rarely do we see such an enormous misunderstanding as with this story. 

Our main heroine kills herself in the past but was brought back. She’s deciding to change her fate and start doing things which will save her from her previous ending.

Her first stop, breaking up with her partner who doesn’t love her anyway. If only she knew he was a psychopath. 

I’m Jubelian? The daughter of the duke and the villainess of this novel?

I managed to avoid my death with some previous knowledge about my life, as this was my second time at it. Now, I should be able to live a peaceful life! – Mangadex

The relationship with the heroine’s father changes before our eyes as we discover the extent of the misunderstandings. Turns out the father didn’t hate his daughter, instead she’s his most precious person in the entire universe! 

Of course, the heroine doesn’t know this because she’s been treated coldly by him. As things slowly start to change, she’s becoming more upset and freaking out. It seems like everyone knows he loves her a lot, except herself! She’s just wondering why he’s hating her more now, which is hilarious.

Want To Get Married
If you’re disliking misunderstandings, this story simply isn’t for you. I find it interesting how lack of communication can end up with such huge effects on one’s life. I can’t imagine how the father reacted to her death in the previous time-line.

Of course, we also have a male love interest which is pretty much being described as a cat. He’s stand-offish, rude, does things on his own and so on. Yet, scratch below the surface and he’s quite a cute guy. He’s obviously falling for the main lead and will end up protecting her against the psychopath ex-partner. 

It doesn’t take a lot to figure this out. It’s clear to see who are interested in the main lead and why – which is both good and bad. It’s good because we will not have any negative surprises, but bad because it’s not exactly exciting to know the story beforehand. 

Despite the story taking a somewhat new take on the whole “daddy issues, reversal of time”, the core of a good story is still there. The heroine’s perception of her dad won’t change over night, it’ll take time. And that’s fine for me, I’m eagerly looking forward to see more of the story.

Recommendation: Go read it! Unless you hate stories heavy on the misunderstandings. 

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