WANNABE CHALLENGE [Game - First Impression]

WANNABE CHALLENGE [Game – First Impression]

WANNABE CHALLENGE puts you in the shoes of a very misfortune girl. However, with the introduction of four very special men, her luck is about to change.

Available NowOctober 2020 (English version)
GenreRole- Playing, Romance, Fantasy, Simulation
WarningsViolence, Blood, Some nudity
Voice ActedPartially, Korean, Chinese
In-App PurchasesYes
Free to playYes
PlatformsAndroid, Apple (iPad)

First Impression Thoughts about “WANNABE CHALLENGE”:

Initially when I saw the ads for the “WANNABE CHALLENGE” I thought I should give it a try. It seemed to have a unique plot and I was looking forward to the interactions between the guys and the MC. However, the initial chapters were being slow-paced and felt like they were dragging out forever.

I think we were literally discussing the same Wannabe Challenge for 3 stages in one chapter. At that point, just hurry up and keep progressing the story. Unfortunately I can’t say I’m fully immersed in the story and due to the slowness of the dialogue, I’ve skipped parts and just read it again in the log.


The gameplay is very similar to Mr Love: Queen’s Choice, so if you’ve played that game you’d get into this without any issues. You have cards, which are called evermore, in Wannabe Challenge. These cards you use to progress in certain stages. Each card is ranked, with SSR being the highest rank.

You can also level the cards up with strings (red string of fate basically) and also with items you get from completing the stages. Like I said, if you’ve played MLQC or even Obey Me!, you know how the game works.

With the voice acting, it’s Korean or Chinese voices available. It’s not yet localized to English which is sad, but you got English subtitles anyhow. It’s much more streamlined and you can only reply in the dialogue with your own choices.

This unfortunately drew me out of the game a bit. I would have liked to be able to respond differently in texts as well, but sadly they didn’t add that feature. It seems a bit lazy, considering you can respond to their uploaded photos with different choices.

The art is quite good, and I have nothing really to complain about. The characters are drawn beautifully enough but there is a limited range of emotions they can show.

You can also clearly tell these guys are typical Asian pop idols. Both in their clothes but also hair, as a westerner that may draw you out from the story.

Overall there’s a lot of things you can do in the game and it seems to be very engaging with stores to buy clothes, dates, and so on. I would definitely say you should check this out yourself and form an opinion. So far I’m still quite early into it, but I’m finding my interest in it a bit lukewarm. Which is sad, because I really do want to like it.

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