W: Two Worlds [1st Impression]

W: Two Worlds takes the isekai genre and makes it feel realistic. No falling in love at first sight, just suspicion and real reactions!

Alt TitlesW: 너와 나의 세계, W 더블유, W-兩個世界, W 兩個世界, W
CreatorsJUNIVERSE, JU_NIVERSE, Junibeoseu, 주니버스 (Author)
LEE Chae, 이채 (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English
AdaptedKorean drama
GenreComedyDramaIsekai, RomanceSlice of Life

W: Two Worlds Summary

Who knew I’d wake up as a comic book character?

Yeonjoo, the daughter of a famous cartoonist, is a student studying medicine at Hanguk University.

On her birthday, after wishing for a man like her favorite comic character, Kang Chul, Yeonjoo wakes up in Kang Chul’s world.

Will Yeonjoo be able to find her way out of her father’s cartoon universe?

W: Two Worlds
W: Two Worlds starts out with our female lead, Yeonjoo, studying to become a doctor.

She reflects on the difficulties of paediatric care and shows off her good drawing skills for the children.

We learn that her father is a cartoonist and the current series he’s working on features a man called Kang Chul. After a birthday party, our female lead awakes in the home of Kang Chul.

You may think this is where they fall in love and everything becomes predictable, but no. He chases her around the house and forces her to go into hiding.

Without a doubt, this is the most realistic take on an isekai genre ever.

I quite like the story and the premise of it, without having read way too many chapters. It’s interesting and refreshing to read about the characters trying to come to terms with their situations.

I must say I don’t necessarily love the art, though. It’s quite typical for these “slice of life” stories and leaves me wanting more from the comic.

From what I can tell, there seems to be a Korean drama which this webtoon is based on. However, I’m not sure how close the plot is to each other or if there’s deviations.

Final thoughts: A refreshing take on the isekai world. Worth checking out if you like slice of life stories with a twist.

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