The Villain’s Aesthetics [1st Impression]

The Villain’s Aesthetics starts out with the murder of an emperor and a princess’ forceful engagement to the murderer.

Alt TitlesAesthetics of The Villain, The Aesthetic of a Villain, The Villain’s Aesthetic, The Villain’s Aesthetics, 악당의 미학, A Villain’s Aesthetic  
CreatorsKwon Ah-in, 권아인 (Author)
Ihuin, 이흰 (Author)
Kim Yejak, 김예작 (Artist)
AdaptedProbably novel
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/bloodMurder / Attempted MurderRomance
The Villain's Aesthetics [1st Impression]

The Villain’s Aesthetics Summary

One day, while eating chicken, Sehyeon is being transported into the novel she has written in the spur of a moment, becoming the idiotic princess Ione.

What else could happen today that would influence the fate of Ione’s life and death?
In order to survive, she has to make sure the Emperor isn’t killed!

As she dashes away to prevent the incident, she run straight into a man loosely gripping a sword dripping with blood.
Nickname: King Regent Kimchi, real name: Aenard Ibn Bonaparte.

“You’re the author?”

She is screwed. The first person she has to encounter just happen to be the villain who know how to read her mind!

“I’m the only person who knows that I can read minds.”

A tight-knit fantasy romance with a menacing villain!

The Villain's Aesthetics [1st Impression]
The Villain’s Aesthetics is a bit cliché, mainly due to the male lead being an evil bastard. He threatens the female lead but also seems to like her, which is odd.

I’ve seen this quite a lot, for instance in I’ve Been Proposed To By A Villain or I Got Pregnant With The Tyrant’s Child.

All these stories have villainous male leads, treating (or otherwise threatening) the female leads poorly.

I’m liking the art style of the manhwa, although it’s definitely not the most unique character design. I’ve been seeing a lot of female leads with blonde hair and reddish eyes.

Our male lead are able to read minds as well, which is something we’ve seen in Ginger And The Cursed Prince. I quite enjoy the fact our male lead finds out the female lead is the author of the story.

The Villain's Aesthetics [1st Impression]
The story does not exactly feature a unique character design. However, I’m not sure if the male lead in the previous mentioned story is unique, either.

Despite not being able to remember fully, the male lead gives her a chance to remember for about a month. If she doesn’t remember, he’ll kill her, but I highly doubt it.

As for our female lead, her maids are bullying her which is very common in these stories. I swear, most of these stories have hostile maids.

It seems it’s due the emperor’s distain or uncaring attitude towards the princess. Likewise, the emperor isn’t exactly feeling the love from the population, either.

Furthermore, the female lead’s brother seems to really care and love for his sister. She seems to be a person whose very presence gives comfort to the crown prince.

So far I haven’t seen any behaviour similar to what we see in other stories, such as the brother being too possessive, but I’m not fully sure.

Final thoughts: The story has some clichés and common tropes, but it’s not too bad of a read. I quite like the dynamic between the female and male lead.

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