The Precious Sister of the Villainous Grand Duke [Manhwa - Recommendation]

The Precious Sister of the Villainous Grand Duke [Manhwa – Recommendation]

The Precious Sister of the Villainous Grand Duke is a really good isekai manhwa, focusing on two younger (fake) siblings trying to survive alone.

Alt Titles악당 대공님의 귀하디귀한 여동생, Agdang daegong nim-ui gwiha di gwihan yeodongsaeng,
Дорогая сестра злого брата герцога,  Милая младшая сестра злодея, Duke’s Lovely Sister 
CreatorsEclair [에클레어] (Authors) – LUNAHENG [루나행], Dobeu [도브] (Artist)
NovelYes, English
Mature Warning: MurderPsychological RomanceSupernatural
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Summary of The Precious Sister Of The Villainous Grand Duke from MU

I became the sister of the villain, who shed no blood or tears in a war-ridden novel! I thought I was born again as the youngest daughter of a noble family, but I’m the little sister of a villain who’s only being used!

A baby’s body too fragile to survive in the Lagrange household, a brutal family that makes children fight for successors… I’ve decided to stick to the villain in order to live!

I need you to be my guardian until I run away from here. Raise me, villain!
The Precious Sister Of The Villainous Grand Duke

I absolutely love this manhwa. It’s so good! We have an isekai protagonist who maintains her intelligence from being an adult, but she’s hindered by her own body. She’s still smart enough to steal food from the servants. Obviously the servants, the two that exist, don’t actually feed them properly.

Our protagonist Anissa wants to survive at all cost and she teams up with her (fake) brother, Dietrich. It would help if he wasn’t such a cold person – he’s not showing any emotions!

Villainous Grand Duke
Give a knife to a toddler, totally normal here!
If you read “Daughter of the Emperor”, you might be familiar with watching the characters growing up in front of our eyes. It’s very satisfying to see them grow up and for the “real” plot to start.

It seems, Anissa and Dietrich may end up having a romantic relationship in the future. I would like to strongly point out she’s not actually his real, blood-related sibling. So it’s fine that way. I guess morally it can be a bit dubious, but you know.

The interactions between these two children are pretty darn hilarious. Dietrich does seem to care for Anissa. At least a bit, since he’s coming to her rescue and feeds her. Of course, there’s a plot point he has to sacrifice something precious to him – so maybe that’s why.

I don’t believe that’s the only reason, however. I do actually think Dietrich will end up caring a lot for Anissa in the future. Yet he can’t help but to tease her as well. Anissa responds appropriately in her thoughts, swearing and calling her brother an evil b-stard. I found this hilarious, since it makes us remember she’s actually not a baby.

Some isekai stories have the characters completely lose their own personalities in the world. I’m happy Anissa is still a bad-mouth.

Recommendation: YES! It’s really good

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