The Villainess Maker [Recommendation]

The Villainess Maker [Recommendation]

The Villainess Maker is confusing at the start, but it gets better and better. There’s some really nice chemistry between our female and male lead.

Alt TitlesAngnyeo Maker, Angnyeo Meikeo, Pencipta Penjahat Wanita, The Villainess and Her Creator, Villainess Maker, 恶女制造者, 악녀 메이커
CreatorsSOL Leesu [SEOL Lee Soo, 설이수] (Author)
Jeon Gu [Bulb, 전구] (Artist)
LicensedYes, English, Indonesian, French, German
AdaptedFrom Novel
The Villainess Maker [Recommendation]

Villainess Maker Summary

Yoon Haneul has always been a pushover, someone who would never say no. Then one day, she opens her eyes and realizes that she has become Aila Mertensia, the antagonist of a novel she had written ten years ago.

Haneul is content to live the life of a rich couch potato and binge-read novels. But to her dismay, she soon finds herself stuck in a time loop where her day repeats endlessly, and the only way to escape the loop is to act like Aila Mertensia!

Haneul doesn’t know the first thing about acting like a villainess. Luckily for her, a mysterious warlock by the name of Killian offers to help her become a true villainess.

Her only option is to make a deal with him, but can Haneul really trust this devilishly handsome man?

The Villainess Maker [Recommendation]
Without a question or doubt, the chemistry between our female and male lead is great!

The story is very much confusing at first but as it progresses, it gets better and better.

I enjoy the fact our female lead is a pushover and has to act like a villainess. It’s so hilarious, knowing someone is not exactly used to act a certain way. However, if she doesn’t act like a villainess, time refuses to move. In comes Killian, a man or something like that, ready to teach Aila behave like a villainess.

The story is funny but it’s not exactly only comedy. There’s some typical villainess moments, but also some other moments which makes it worth reading.

Initially we really don’t get what’s happening, but it seems Aila is the creator of the story. When she was younger, she was writing novels and this is one of those. She keeps this a secret, though. Mainly because Killian seems to hate God and thus she assumes he’d hate her, too.

Did I mention I love the chemistry between Killian and Aila? They have such chemistry and I just love it! Aila’s character design is amazing and same goes for Killian.

Recommendation: Well worth checking out, but you need to give it time to settle in place.

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