You've Never Met a Villainess Like Me

You’ve Never Met a Villainess Like Me [First Impression]

The title must be sarcastic, because our villainess is generic and cut from the same cloth as everyone else. Just don’t bother with this one, seriously.

Alt TitlesWelcome It’s the First Time With This Kind of Villainess, 어서와 이런 악녀 처음이지, Eoseowa Ireon Angnyeo Cheoeumiji, Villainess’s Idol (official title)
CreatorsTottoriJui, 돗토리쥬이 (Author)
Noe, 노에 (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
AdaptedNovel, I think
Met A Villainess Like Me

You’ve Never Met A Villainess Like Me Summary

The successful life of the villainess who somehow completely changes the empire’s performance culture.

She’s been a trainee for 5 years. Before she knows it all her juniors starts making their debuts. Hopeless days… Then one day, I possess the duke’s daughter, Ashley.

How unlucky do you have to be to possess the villainess? And it just had to be the villainess who’s suppose to burn to death. And she only has 1 year remaining. But why are there so many handsome guys?

“Yeah, I’ve made up my mind!” I’ll gather all the handsome guys and make a boy group…

Met A Villainess Like Me
This story is like a poor version of most villainess stories, mostly because of the heroine.

One story that this reminds me slightly about is Chitra. In that story, our female protagonist also create a harem. Later on she also has a goal to create a boy group. However, it’s not so much about her in that case as it is about the world she’s stuck in.

Now, this story is bad in a lot of aspects. The story is cliché and basic, at best. The art is also passable, but barely. There’s just nothing about this story that seems to be good or unique. Nothing is making me want to read more or feel invested in the story. Our heroine feels like a side-kick and not the protagonist.

Our female lead is also gushing over the male leads, acting like an idiot. Despite the fact she knows she’ll probably die in a year’s time (according to original plot). Come on, can you please get your shit together.

I get why she was kept as a trainee for 5 years with her behaviour. She has no special talents or intelligence, it’s like she’s thinking it’s a game.

Recommendation: I think I can safely tell everyone to stay away, you’re not missing anything.

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