A Villainess Is a Good Match for the Tyrant

A Villainess for the Tyrant [Recommendation]

“A Villainess For The Tyrant” is a fun story where two unthinkable people actually end up fitting quite well together.

Alt Titles 폭군에게는 악녀가 어울린다, A Villainess Is a Good Match for the Tyrant, Wanita Jahat Untuk Tiran, 暴君配恶女, A Villain Is a Good Match for a Tyrant
CreatorsNajeon (나전), Yu-Iran (YOO Iran/YOO LeeRan/유이란) [Authors] – Jagae (자개/Jage) [Artist]
Licensed?Yes, Tappytoon –  ChineseIndonesian
NovelYes, English
A Villainess For The Tyrant

Summary of A Villainess For The Tyrant

“I would rather just go out with a bang!” For Princess Cecile, being married off to the emperor of a neighbouring empire was unavoidable.

But wait, isn’t this the same Emperor Estian who’s notorious for being a heartless sadist?

In order for her to be maintaining her final shred of dignity, the fearless Cecile demands that her future husband carry her all the way from the carriage to the wedding chapel!

If this is her fate, she might as well put up a fight before dying at the hands of the handsome emperor.

After all, the only way to fight fire is with… more fire?!

Can Cecile become a villain even more fearsome than her tyrant husband? – TappyToon

The story is starting out like your typical tale, where a woman is sent to be marrying someone who is deemed to be a “monster” by others. The story is slightly similar to “I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage!“. Both of the men are exceedingly dangerous but turn into softies for their wives.

A Villainess For The Tyrant is also sharing slight similarities in some aspects as to “Lucia“. Our princess Cecile is an illegitimate child of the king, much like Lucia is the 16th princess to the story’s king.

This story is a lot more comedic than “Lucia”, with princess Cecile basically being resigned to be killed by her husband due to his rumoured nature. Cecile is just precious in her villainess ways, though. And she really is putting up a fight!

She knows she’s being preposterous in her ways, yet since she’ll die, might as well push her luck.

The story is basically how Cecile has to act like a villainess end up avoiding her own death. In the process, she’s basically making it seem like the emperor is head over heels with her. Of course, this actually is happening, so not a lot of acting needed on the emperor’s part.

The first night the emperor and Cecile spent together, they had four assassins trying to kill then. And none of them were related to each other!

The poor woman ends drinking a truth serum and confesses to finding the emperor hot as hell. She was also showing she has some villainess-qualities as well.

Despite the initial amusement of the story, it actually contains lot more depth than we’re initially thinking. It just takes a long time for it to be done developing.

I know some people are hating the art, but I quite like it. Before I read manhwa, I used to read a lot of Japanese manga and the art style is reminding me of it.

I’m personally enjoying the different art styles we find in these stories. This one is a lot more unique than other comics.

Recommendation: You must be reading this! This story is all sorts of fun and weird.

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