Untouchable Lady

Untouchable Lady [First Impression]

I’m really liking “Untouchable Lady” so far! We have a female lead who learns from her past mistakes and is ready to wreak havoc.

Alt Titles접근 불가 레이디, Jeobgeun Bulga Leidi, Solitary Lady (official title)
CreatorsKin [], YONG Dusik [용두식] (Authors)
Minsoong [밍숭] (Artist)
AdaptedOriginally a novel
GenrePsychologicalRomanceDrama, HistoricalMature WarningMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder,  Drugs / AlcoholFantasyGore/blood
Untouchable Lady [First Impression]
One of the novel covers

Untouchable Lady Summary

My always dignified brother begs me to die in place of our stepsister. The stepsister whom we don’t even share a drop of blood with.

I’ve always been miserable, and there is no exception this time. It was the seventh time that they betrayed me and I end up dead. I’m finally free from any lingering feelings.

I won’t be swayed by love anymore. Now it is my turn to abandon them first.

Untouchable Lady [First Impression]
Apparently the author behind the story is the same as the one who behind “The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother”. No wonder I instantly ended up liking this story!

Our female lead may have been naive at first, but she’s really annoyed at her shitty family after dying 7 times. She decides to wreak some havoc and starts claiming her rights as a human being.

We see flashbacks to what occurs before, leaving us feeling disgusted by the family. The child who is causing a lot of issues is Gabrielle and although she’s just a child, she’s so annoying.

Eventually the father starts to realize she’s also annoying and tells her off. It’s always satisfying to see the “evil” characters get what they deserve. Although she’s just a snotty child and not evil per say, she’s annoying all the same.

The most “evil” characters are the father and brother, for sure. They’re just such trash I wish they’d disappear from my view. The poor female lead is constantly being manipulated, used and left once her usefulness has reached its limits.

I actually really like the plot, including the whole magic corresponding to each season. It adds a certain twist and extra charm to the story, which I assume would have been good even without.

The story’s protagonist is slightly reminding me of the manhwa “The Lady Wants to Rest”, mainly just how fed up she is with her family. Hopefully she can be free from their influence soon.

Recommendation: YES! Must read and I hope it becomes licensed in English ASAP.

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