Irregular Empress,

Undercover Empress [First Impression]

Undercover Empress is a story that reminds me of “Villain Discovered my Identity” but with a different twist to the story. 

Alt TitlesIrregular Empress, Irregular Worker Empress, Temporary Empress, Temporary Positioned Queen, 砂時計の契約令嬢, 비정규직 황후
CreatorsHAN Mint [H Mint, HanMint, Mint, 한민트] / keumnaru [GEUM Naru, 금나루] (Authors) – soom [Sum, 숨] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation (on an APP)
NovelYes, Korean
GenreComedyDramaFantasyGender BenderHistoricalRomanceSupernatural
Undercover Empress
Meet Estian/Estella

Undercover Empress Summary from MU

“Do you want to live as Estella instead of Estien?”

A member of the famous Arthur family that possessed skilled swordsmanship which went into ruin, Estella.

Disguised as the male Estien she lived as a regular knight, hiding the exceptional talent she inherited to avoid discovery, but one day the crown prince makes an unexpected offer…
Undercover Empress
Handsome prince
In the story, our heroine doesn’t have a twin – but he’s still written up in the family registry. After her father’s death, she gets the amazing idea to simply take on her non-existent brother’s identity and live a lazy life. 

She succeeds, until she comes across the crown prince murdering his fiancée. Of course, the logical reaction is to blush (swear to god).

Long story to short, she ends up becoming the fiancée of the prince. However, they think she’s actually a male. Some speculate the crown prince know she’s a woman, which may be the case. So she’s pretending to be a guy, who is pretending to be a woman. Genderception. 

Undercover Empress
Pretty but evil

Our character is quite funny due to the lazy nature. I think we can all somehow agree it’s nice to have a good pay check without working too much. At least in the beginning. 

The heroine also has a huuuge sweet tooth, it’s a miracle she’s not gotten bigger. Or diabetes. It’s hilarious to see her being bribed by the prince. He knows her weakness all too good.

Recommendation: Overall it’s a cute story with more unique art than we normally see, but I quite like that. Well worth to check out.

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