Under The Oak Tree

Under The Oak Tree [Manhwa -First Impression]

Under the oak tree is a fantasy manhwa focusing on a very timid Maximilian Croix (Croyso) and her husband, warrior extraordinaire Riftan Calypse.

Alt Titles Debajo del Roble, Sangsurinamu Arae, Под дубом, 상수리나무 아래
CreatorsKim Soo-ji(Kim Suj)/김수지, Namu/나무 (Authors), P (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, Manta
NovelYes, English

Under The Oak Tree from Manta

A flawless love story of the flawed.
Stuttering lady Maximilian is forced into a marriage with Sir Riftan, but he leaves on a campaign after their wedding night. 3 years later, he triumphantly returns, ready to cherish her. As life with her husband finally begins, she only has one question — does she deserve this love and happiness?

Now, Maxi is mistreated by her father who deems her to be worth less than her sister. The reason she’s abused is partly because of her personality, but also due to her stuttering. Her father also believes she’s not good with anything, since her sister always succeeded with everything much better than her. Riftan on the other hand is a great warrior who has succeeded in killing various monsters and gaining notoriety because of this.

Under The Oak Tree
The two shared their wedding night together, only for Riftan to leave for about 3 years. When he returns, he’s quite upset with Maxi. The biggest issue between two is lack of communication.

Maxi is half expecting Riftan to divorce her for the princess he toured the countr, and slayed monsters, with. Riftan is upset because he thought Maxi didn’t want to be his wife and ignored his request for her to move to his fief.  Despite it being the father hiding the letters and requests.

Of course, Maxi never found out about this because her father is a piece of shit. Instead she’s forced to endure Riftan’s unjust anger towards. Eventually the relationship gets better, with Riftan showing a lot of affection towards Maxi.

However, she still doesn’t dare to tell him she’s not a “proper” lady nor did she have the education that he expects. She doesn’t know the value of the various currencies, for instance. Having seen the currency and having it explained in the manhwa, I get why it’s confusing.

I don’t think Maxi has anything to fear from Riftan. He’d love her more, knowing that she’s not a stuck up noble lady. I do think he’d be pissed off if he found out that Maxi’s father had abused her. He’d probably hit the wall and exclaim “F*ck!” but it wouldn’t be aimed at Maxi.

Under The Oak Tree
So sweet!!!
Maxi is beautifully drawn with luscious red hair and pale grey eyes, cute button nose. She’s small in stature, more so in comparison to Riftan. Riftan is considered beautiful by Maxi. He is huge, as in he has a tone of muscles.

He’s also much taller than Maxi. It’s easy to imagine why Maxi would feel safe in his arms, but also how she initially feared him.

I really like this manhwa, although the character of Maxi needs to develop and become a much stronger personality. A lot of issues that occurred is due to Maxi not confessing to Riftan she’s lacking in knowledge.

Instead she’s taking lessons from the wizard in Riftan’s party, without Riftan knowing this. Of course, thankfully due to this wizard she’s able to avoid huge mistakes, such as cutting down the oak tree in the garden.

The story is quite sexual, so if you’re squeamish about that, maybe skip this one. Although nothing is really shown, it’s still explicit enough to clearly show/hint at “the deed” from the distance. The relationship between Riftan and Maxi is really adorable.

The main character is Maxi so far, since the focus is on her and her feelings. We get to see a lot “bad thoughts” that Maxi has, which is truly sad. It seems she has many demons to battle on her own.

Recommendation: Yes. Be aware if you dislike hints of psychological and physical abuse. And smut.

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