Deadman’s Undecember [1st Impression]

Deadman’s Undecember starts off quite confusing, with dimensions opening between times/worlds. It does seem like quite a fun manhua, though.

Alt TitlesRiyue Tong Cuo, Shisha no 13-gatsu, Sun and Moon, Rìyuè Tóng Cuò, 屍者の13月, 日月同错
CreatorsFanfan Dongman, Fan Fan Animations, Fan Fan Comic, FANFAN, Flip Anime, 翻翻动漫, 팬팬코믹, 翻翻動漫 (Publisher)
Di Nian Miao, Dainenbyou, ダイネンビョウ, 第年秒 (Artist)
GenreActionDramaFantasyHistorical, Supernatural

Deadman’s Undecember Summary

There are countless of undead feeding on humans in this world.

Countless of magicians have been fighting against them for millions of years but defeat is always the end result. It was not until the emergence of ‘San Zhen’ Clan, 3 successors, in 3 different eras fighting against the undead.

They are the last chance in this “alive vs dead” war.

I started reading Deadmna’s Undecember by chance, and it’s not bad.

However, it’s so confusing initially and quite typical action manhua series.

The art is something which stands out in my opinion and I’m definitely more used to cutesy art than this semi-realistic style.

However, I do quite like this style too. The fighting scenes also look quite good, although once again, not my preferred style.

It’s clear from the start that this is an action-oriented story. We have fighting scenes almost from the get go, with our main character stealing the spotlight.

That being said, the actual story starts out really confusing. From what I gathered, all three people come together to battle the undead and use various portals to help each other.

Or something along those lines, but like I said, story start’s out quite confusing.

Final thoughts: Starts off slightly confusing, but given time it’ll probably be a good story to read.

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