I Became the Tyrant’s Secretary [First Impression]

I Became the Tyrant’s Secretary is quite a fun story with some common tropes. So far I’m liking it quite a bit, but I can’t be sure where it’s heading just yet.

Alt Titles폭군의 비서관이 되었습니다, I Became the Secretary of a Tyrant, 成为暴君的秘书官, Poggunui Biseogwani Doeeossseubnida, Chéngwéi bàojūn de mìshū guān, I’m the Tyrant’s Secretary (official title)
CreatorsLEE In-hye,이인혜
Jay, 제이, J, Jei
Gio, Gi-O, 기오
LicensedOfficial English
Official Indonesian 
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Murder / Attempted MurderRomance
I Became The Tyrant's Secretary [First Impression]

I Became The Tyrant’s Secretary Summary

I became the secretary of a tyrant in place of my clumsy brother to survive.

But I have so much potential for it. I’m so darn good at my job. Because I served the tyrant so well, ‘Everyone has a happy ending’.

Well then, shall I quit being a secretary and live a leisurely life now?

I Became The Tyrant's Secretary [First Impression]
I am liking this story, but it’s hardly super special so far. However, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth reading, because I think it is.

The basic plot is that our protagonist is isekai’d into this medieval world, where she lives as a lazy noble. Until she remembers her family will die once her brother becomes the tyrant’s secretary.

She doesn’t want her family to die, obviously. So in stead of her brother becoming the secretary, she’s deciding to take his role and start working for the tyrant.

Of course, the tyrant will eventually fall in love with her and they’ll have babies. Ok, maybe not babies but you get the gist of it.

We also have an evil step-mother and a previous heroine, who is a bxtch. Common tropes, what did I tell you?

She used to be a secretary in her previous life which makes her perfect for this job! It’s like she’s made for this world, no?

It seems the story is repeating itself, since the original female lead knows she’s supposed to be in love with the emperor. It makes me wonder who else may remember the past.

The art is pretty darn great, but the emperor is tethering on the edge between extremely hot and scary looking. The novel illustration makes the emperor look hotter, though.

Recommendation: It’s good enough to warrant you to check it out! It’s nice looking and quite funny occasionally.

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