The Tyrant's Guardian Is An Evil Witch

The Tyrant’s Guardian Is An Evil Witch [Manhwa – First Impression]

“The Tyrant’s Guardian Is An Evil Witch” is a comedic story with a dark undertone. 

Alt TitlesPokgunui Bohojaneun Agyeong Manyeoimnida, The Tyrant’s Guardian Is the Villain Witch, Tiranın Koruyucusu Kötü Bir Cadı Mı, Злая ведьма – хранитель тирана, 폭군의 보호자는 악역 마녀입니다
CreatorsBluelagoon, Hari (Author) / Rata (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, TappyToon
NovelYes, English
GenreDramaRomanceFantasyComedyIsekai, Historical, Villainess, Reincarnation, Supernatural, Magic, Monsters

TappyToon summary of The Tyrant’s Guardian Is An Evil Witch

Clete’s heart sinks when a little child shows up on her doorstep one day. The wide-eyed boy is none other than Alpen, the emperor’s illegitimate son and her terrifying future killer. But as a powerful witch herself, Clete is not one to surrender to fate.

She decides to raise him with warmth and kindness in the hopes that he will walk a different path in life this time. The only problem? She has no idea how to raise a human child!

With the help of her loyal butler, she starts with the basics: reading him a storybook, playing house, making him a friend… The two eventually form a special bond that she never thought was possible. But when dark forces begin to interfere, it becomes harder and harder to keep the boy from succumbing to evil.

Will Clete’s powers be enough to alter the future? Or will she inevitably meet her tragic end?
The Tyrant's Guardian Is An Evil Witch
Scary -> motherly love
The Tyrant’s Guardian Is An Evil Witch features an “evil ice witch” named Clete (Celeste?) who takes care of a future tyrant, Alpen (called something else in the story but I don’t remember the name).

The story is funny due to the witch’s inability to seemingly behave like a normal person. Instead, she’s scaring the boy even though she’s attempting to be nice.

Of course, the witch has a reason to be nice to the future villain: she wants to live. The future is looking more bright for the witch and the villain. Now, the story is really focusing on familiar love in the first few chapters.

However, as the boy grows up it seems he’s getting a crush on the witch. Now, Clete was originally set to die at the hands of the villain since he turned into a psychopath. She’s trying desperately to change this fate, but mostly for her own sake.

The Tyrant's Guardian Is An Evil Witch
Even the plant is blushing from his cuteness!
It’s seemingly apparent we’re going to have a love relationship between the witch and Alpen. This may be upsetting to some readers, but that is probably what will happen. The way Alpen behaves towards the witch seems to hint at it.

For instance, he tries to give medicine by kissing her mouth and then discussing “virginity”. Quite an awkward conversation to have.

I must say I do enjoy the story and the relationship we have established between Alpen and the witch. We also have the typical “puberty anger” and want to do exactly the opposite of what your parents would say.

Alpen wants to practice swordsmanship, but the witch doesn’t want it, so Alpen throws a tantrum. Something happens, then the witch changes her mind and they grow closer because of it.

The Tyrant's Guardian Is An Evil Witch
Just look at the cute tyrant!

It’s enjoyable since the argument isn’t taking forever to get through, but resolves quite quickly. I hate when stories drag out issues over several chapters and we gain nothing from it. It’s one thing if we develop the characters through it, but not if it’s just an argument to fill out the series.

Now, the art is also quite pretty but it’s a standard looking art for most manhwas. Alpen is cute as a child and the witch has some beautiful moments, but it is a comic – not exactly a piece of art.

The witch’s outfit and hair, eyes, etc are perfectly reflecting her personality. Alpen and his more “evil” side are also reflected nicely in the art.

Recommendation: Yes! Really funny but with family love in the first season. Will probably end up with romance between Clete and Alpen, so beware of this.

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