I Got Pregnant With the Tyrant’s Child [1st Impression]

I Got Pregnant With the Tyrant’s Child starts off good, but somewhere along the series it loses the spark.

Alt TitlesDi a luz al hijo del tirano, I Gave Birth to the Tyrant’s Child, Poggunui Aileul Gajyeossseubnida, 我怀了暴君的孩子, 폭군의 아이를 가졌습니다
CreatorsRyuran, Ryiran, 류란(Author)
SF_JD (Artist & Author)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation, Official French Translation
AdaptedYes, from novel
GenreActionDramaFantasy, HistoricalMature Warning:  Gore/blood, Drugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder
I Got Pregnant With The Tyrant's Child  [1st Impression]

I Got Pregnant With The Tyrant’s Child Summary

For Elan the royal knight, the masquerade festival is a rare chance to let loose and relax.

Her night of fun quickly turns into a morning of horror when she wakes up beside the ruthless Emperor Kylart.

Knowing how cruel he can be to clingy women, Elan makes a run for it. She’s hoping he hasn’t seen past her disguise.

As she continues her nerve-wracking duties of guarding the emperor, she starts experiencing troubling health symptoms. A trip to the doctor reveals that she’s pregnant!

To make matters worse, rumor has it that Kylart is looking for the mysterious woman he met on the night of the festival.

Can Elan keep her secret safe from the entire palace? Especially when she can’t even control her constant cravings and morning sickness?

I Got Pregnant With The Tyrant’s Child starts off decent enough, but soon goes off the rails into stupidity territory.

I genuinely want to like this story, because I sometimes do enjoy a controlling/dominant male lead.

However, the male lead has no real redeeming qualities nor is he a nice person. Instead, he’s very much an annoying little arse, who hides his “love” behind a façade.

It’s quite a cliché moment, how the male lead lusts for the female lead behind closed doors. All because she reminds him of his mother, so talk about mommy issues.

I Got Pregnant With The Tyrant's Child  [1st Impression]
I quite like the female lead, at least up until a point. She’s obviously fearful of the male lead, but the fact she decides running away is the solution just screams stupidity.

Not only that, the emperor is also a bit of an arse, but at least he has the excuse of not having the social interaction. Our female lead’s behavior does make sense, up to a point but then it just goes nuts.

She forgives the emperor as soon as he starts crying a bit, which is just urgh. I quite like how “The Maid And The Vampire” handles a tyrannical and cruel male lead. The female lead forgives him, but she’s still somewhat fearful of the male lead.

Final thoughts: Overall I think you can probably read the first part of this story, but you’ll know when it goes to sh*t and becomes too dramatic.

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