The Villainess Turns The Hourglass [Recommendation]

The Villainess Turns The Hourglass is one of my favourite manhwa series. The art is gorgeous and the plot is interesting, with a smart protagonist.

Alt TitlesAgnyeo’neun Moraesi’gye’reul Dwedollinda, Angnyeoneun Moraesigyereul Doedollinda, La vilaine retourne le sablier, La villana retrocede el reloj de arena, The Villainess Reverses Hourglass, The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass, Злодейка, перевернувшая песочные часы, Песочные часы злодейки, 反派女主的时间沙漏, 悪女は砂時計をひっくり返す, 时光沙漏·逆转命运的少女, 악녀는 모래시계를 되돌린다
CreatorsSanSobee [산소비, Sansobi] (Author)
Ant Studio [Antstudio, 엔트스튜디오]
LicensedYes, Official English Translation, Official Indonesian Translation, Official Chinese Translation, Official Japanese Translation
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderReversal of TimeRomance
The Villainess Turns The Hourglass [Recommendation]

The Villainess Turns The Hourglass Summary

After her lowly mother married a count, Aria enjoyed a life full of luxury while harassing her gentle stepsister Mielle.

Several years later, Aria is about to be executed when Mielle reveals that she wickedly tricked Aria into building the bad reputation that ultimately brought her to the scaffold.

Just as Aria desperately wishes she could change her fate, she sees a curious hourglass that takes her back into the past.

Now, Aria can destroy Mielle by using her own tactics against her like a true villainess. The power of the hourglass is on her side…

Can Aria take everything from Mielle, or will her actions change the past in ways she couldn’t have imagined?

The Villainess Turns The Hourglass [Recommendation]
The Villainess Turns The Hourglass is a really good story and one I highly suggest you read.

It’s slightly different than most revenge stories, since our female protagonist has an hourglass she can use to turn back time.

However, it’s not like she can turn back years at a time, instead it’s a few minutes each time. There’s a price, which is her stamina and growth. In the above picture, Aria is about 15 years old but she looks like she’s easily in her 20s.

She also gets tired quickly when using it, forcing her to take naps to get her energy back. However, it’s a good tool and she uses it fairly wisely.

The Villainess Turns The Hourglass [Recommendation]

For instance, she uses it to win at the casino but she also loses herself to anger sometimes. Once she starts shouting out everything she wants to say, and then simply reverses time back.

I quite like how Aria is in control most of the time, but also how she’s not overly knowledgeable. She makes mistakes and falls into traps, but she learns from it.

It shows she’s not a Mary Sue character but one with depth and ability to learn from her mistakes.

Final thoughts: I’m really loving this story! Aria is an amazing character and I love her plans and plots.

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