True Kiss [Manga – First Impression]

True Kiss [Manga – First Impression]

I wish I liked this one, but “True Kiss” is a waste of time. Poor story and even worse art.

Alt Titles本当のキス
CreatorsCALVI Sato
Licensed?Somehow, Yes. Pocket Comics
GenreDramaPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life
True Kiss

Summary of True Kiss

“You look thirsty.” Sakura hadn’t seen her childhood friend Ryuu in 10 years, but when they reunite, that’s what he says before he hugs her.

But then, Ryuu suddenly turns violent!

Ryuu, the kind, cool friend who always supported Sakura, is now the future leader of the Ogata yakuza family. “I want to know the real Ryuu.”

Can she love a childhood friend who has changed so much? A sweet yet painful classic love story begins! – MangaUpdates

I enjoyed the build-up to the actual story, but that was about it. The characters were cute together but as they aged they ended up quite different from their childhood personas. 

True Kiss
Sakura ends up being a pushover who seems to want nothing, except cling to a childhood friend of 10 years. Not really a lot of personality there, but what to do. At least the guy is better, right? Of course not, he’s almost worse.

Ryuu went from caring to acting like a macho guy, dominating over poor Sakura. He almost rapes her, or tries to make it look like she got raped. Like, get your personality straight. He’s giving mixed signals about his feelings to her, almost beating a guy who kissed her.

And the first thing he says to her after 10 years is “you look thirsty”. I’m not sure what you think, but that’s the worst line, ever. Couldn’t you come up with anything but that? It doesn’t even make any sense! What does “look thirsty” mean? Does she need a water bottle or is she thirsty for s-e-x?

The manga is just filled with poor plot points, tropes and poor art.

Recommendation: Stay away. 

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