The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer [1st Impression]

The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer seems to be a pretty decent story, with some cliché moments. I’m not hating the story, but it’s definitely not unique.

Alt TitlesTranquilizer of The Tyrant, Tyrant’s Tranquilizer, 폭군의 신경안정제
CreatorsPogibeun, 포기븐 (Author)
Dyubu, Doubu, 듀부 (Artist)
Kim Seulgi, 김슬기 (Artist
AdaptedNovel probably
GenreComedyDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/blood, Murder / Attempted Murder, RomanceSupernatural

The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer Summary

Amelie Bourbon is a witch and a woman who the tyrant kills.

Just because I’m criticizing a novel doesn’t mean you have to make me into the supporting character Amelie! Amelie, who dies from the start, becoming the trauma and trigger of the heroine.

I’m feeling scared. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to be harassed.

Let’s run away!

But just when Amelie visits her family to inform them of her departure, the Emperor (the tyrant) arrives. In order to escape, I transform into a bird by magic.

But the Emperor takes me with him!!!

What’s going to happen to me?!

The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer starts off as an isekai story, mainly that with the female lead Amelie waking up in a cabin.

Turns out she’s a witch and she’s going to die in the original story, by the hands of a tyrant.

As she knows she’s going to die and things are going to sh*t if the tyrant dies, she’s trying to prevent it. However, the emperor seems to be soothed by the witch.

Since our female lead is a witch, she can turn into a bird. The bird is noticed by the emperor, which is strange, since he notices her behind a potted plant.

I haven’t read enough to fully know if I like the story, but it’s not bad. It’s enjoyable, but there’s obviously some moments I find off-putting.

I’ve read a lot of tyrant stories and most seem to be like this. The tyrant hates everyone EXCEPT the female lead, who has some magical ability to soothe him.

The story we know isn’t what exactly happens, especially when it comes to a female lead dying. It’s seemingly the tyrant killing the female lead, but many are thinking the female lead’s family are suspicious.

What if the female lead is killed by the family in order to “justify” a rebellion? Who knows, but I suppose we have to continue reading to find out.

Final thoughts: I’m not hating the story, but it’s definitely not unique.

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