I Became the Wife of a Tragedy's Main Lead

I Became the Wife of a Tragedy’s Main Lead [First Impression]

I Became The Wife Of A Tragedy’s Main Lead is featuring a confusing plot and an even more confusing main male lead.

Alt Titles피폐물 주인공의 부인이 되었습니다, I got married in a hardboiled fiction, Pipyemul Ju-Ingong-Ui Bu-In-I doeeossseubnida, Rewriting My Husband’s Tragic Ending (official title)
CreatorsKIM Cukdas [김쿠크다스] (Author)
Nef [네프] (Artist)
AdaptedOriginally a novel
Genre DramaFantasy,  HistoricalIsekaiMature Warning; Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, PsychologicalRomance
I Became The Wife Of A Tragedy's Main Lead [First Impression]

I Became The Wife Of A Tragedy’s Main Lead Summary

The female lead is a princess, who dies before the original novel starts. However, the male starts fancying her they will end up marrying? Is it really ok to steal your first love & kiss, which belong to the heroine?

The novel is taking a different turn, focusing solely on the male and female lead’s romance.

I Became The Wife Of A Tragedy's Main Lead [First Impression]
The titles are getting longer and longer, yikes. Anyway, I quite like this story, mainly due to our female lead’s personality which is calm and collected.

She’s aware she’s being hated by everyone, and thus she’s not trusting anyone. I assume it’s her father who sells her off, and she agrees in order to save her mother’s life. Her life expectancy is thus quite low, both in the original novel and in this one.

The princess makes a deal with the king of her home country in exchange for treatment of her mother. It cannot be a good deal for her and it wouldn’t surprise me they want her to assassinate the male lead. Regardless, she wants her mother to receive treatment so she will have to endure the new palace.

Sadly, because of the confusing plot, it’s quite hard to get into the series. The male lead is clearly not fully sane, since he’s angry someone tries to kill the princess. Yet, he’s equally angry they failed.. Which one is it? Do you want her to die or no? Make up your mind! Someone says he’s angry because they’re incompetent, which I suppose makes sense.

Despite a very confusing plot, I do like the characters. They’re interesting and doesn’t seem to be a basic sheet of characteristics. Instead, their motivations are hidden much deeper than what meets the eye.

Overall the story is intriguing, although the plot is confusing as heck sometimes.

I suppose it has to do with story’s pacing and the dialogue, which I hope we see improving as the story progresses.. It is fully possible it’s an issue from the adaptation from novel to manhwa.

The art of this series is decent, but there’s some minor issues. It’s nothing too bad, but I feel like the artist tones down some of the issues. Like how the princess has a scar from a fire, which is barely existing. The fire almost kills her, I doubt it leaves such a small burn.

However, I do love the character design of the princess and the colour scheme. Her dark hair and dark eyes are very different from what I normally see. I also love how their pair her with the colour blue, including the blue roses. It honestly reminds me of Diva from Blood+.

The male lead’s looks are basic at best. He could literally be the male lead from other stories and no one will notice. He reminds me of the male lead from “50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess”. It can’t be just me, right? They both have blonde hair, red eyes and the haircut is similar, too!

I suppose if you like the style, you’re in for a good ride but personally I wish they’d put more effort into him. At least change the hairstyle, that’s not too hard.

Recommendation: Worth checking out, just hope we can survive the confusing plot! Wish the male lead had a different look, too.

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