Touch Your Heart [Recommendation]

Touch Your Heart [Recommendation]

Touch Your Heart is a story about an actress without any skills and a lawyer. We can expect some office romance in this one, I reckon!

Alt TitlesJinsimi Data, 真心が届く, 真心が届く~スターと堅物弁護士の恋!?~, 진심이 닿다, 진심이닿다, Reach of Sincerity, Jinsimi Dadda
CreatorsAnt Studio [엔트스튜디오], Yegeo [예거] (Authors)
Ant Studio (Artist)
AdaptedKorean Drama (2019), Novel
GenreDramaRomanceSlice of Life
Touch Your Heart [Recommendation]

Touch Your Heart Summary

Korea’s Top Star, Oh Yoon-Seo (Real name: Oh Jin-Shim)

At the time when she was at the peak of her popularity, she had to retire due to rumors with a third-generation conglomerate spreading.

“What can I do to be the female lead?!”

“Law firm secretary, Acting.”

My god, she has it all, beauty, body, and intelligence, but the one thing God didn’t give her was, acting

Touch Your Heart [Recommendation]
Initially, our female lead goes on hiatus due to a scandal she vehemently denies. However, no one believes her and the agency tells her to go on a hiatus for at least a year.

She agrees, only to get news about a drama role which she eagerly wants. The drama is set in a law firm, and she desperately wants to do well with the drama.

Our female lead apparently sucks at acting, which makes no bloody sense. How can she be this popular and rich if she has no acting skills? Either way, she’s forcing herself to get better by doing some method acting practice.

Touch Your Heart is quite an interesting story, but the female lead is very much annoying initially. Oh Jin-Shim starts working as a lawyer’s secretary but her boss is not too keen on having her there.

However, given a chance she’s excelling at the job. Slowly and surely, the boss starts falling for our charismatic female lead. She’s very empathetic and she wants to do well, for everyone’s sake.

I enjoy the male lead taking things seriously and now allowing the actress to act however she wants at the workplace. However, I like the fact he’s also able to admit he’s been wrong or too harsh.

Recommendation: The story may have some cliché moments and it’s not perfect, but the story is enjoyable.

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